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A Trip to Campo and Other Surprises Along The Way 10/24/2020

by Chris Guenzler

At 8:15 AM, Elizabeth and I drove over to the Smith's house and picked up Greg and Marty Smith. With Elizabeth driving we headed south down Interstate 5 to Loomis Santa Fe Avenue and parked across the street.

Solana Beach Amtrak station built in 1994. We next headed to Del Mar to our second stop of the day.

The Santa Fe Del Mar station built in 1910. We then went south to National City.

The Santa Fe National City station built in 1887.

Elizabeth, Greg and Marty in front of the 1887 Santa Fe National City station.

Car 6891 from Vienna.

Puget Sound and International Railway Bellingham, Washington Birney Car 357 {former Old Spaghetti Factory streetcar 366}.

San Diego Trolley Car U2 Car 1002.

Museum view.

Car N1 Class 6891 from Vienna, Austria.

In 1936 San Diego Electric Railway ordered 25 single-end Presidents Conference Committee (PCC) cars from the St. Louis Car Company. This is Car 539.

Car N1 Class 6890 from Vienna, Austria.

Car N1 Class 6888 from Vienna, Austria.

San Diego Electric Railway Cable Car 54 built in 1903 from two 1889 cable cars. Next we went to Lemon Grove.

The Lemon Grove station is a replica station built in 1986, one block north from the former station which was torn down in the 1940's. We next went to the La Mesa station.

Mojave Northern 0-6-0ST 3 on display at La Mesa.

Pacific Fruit Express refrigerated car 11207.

Southern Pacific caboose 1058.

The San Diego, Cuyamaca & Eastern La Mesa station built in 1896. This display and the station is part of the Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum. Elizabeth then drove us to Campo on Highway 94.

Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum 10/24/2020

Elizabeth went in the station to pick up our tickets for the 1:30 PM train while the rest of us used the restroom. I then showed Elizabeth around the museum grounds.

Santa Fe RS-2 2098 built by Alco in 1949.

San Diego & Arizona wooden coaches.

San Diego & Arizona wooden coach 239.

San Diego & Arizona wooden coach 240.

Elizabeth's first time at the Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum.

Union Pacific H20-44 1366 built by FM in 1947.

The builder's plate of this unique locomotive.

A special plate on the nose of this engine.

U.S. Army MRS-1 1820.

Simplot RS-32 4004 ex SP 7304 built by Alco in 1962 from their plant in Pocatello, Idaho.

U.S. Air Force RSX-4 / MRS-1 2104.

San Diego & Arizona 80 Toner 7285 built by GE in 1943.

Santa Fe S-2 2381 built by Alco in 1949.

Oregon Northwestern AS-616 1 built by Baldwin in 1953.

Our train for today's Pumpkin Express.

AGREX Inc DE-27b 45T built by Baldwin in 1954.

San Diego & Arizona 25 Ton built by Porter in 1948.

California Western 2-6-6-2 46 built 1937 by Baldwin.

EJ Lavino & Company 0-6-0T 10 built 1923 by Alco Cooke.

San Diego & Arizona Eastern 2-8-0 104 built in 1912 by Baldwin.

Kaiser Steel Caboose 1905.

Modesto & Empire Traction 70-Toner 613 and will rebecome Southern Pacific 5119.

Coos Bay Lumber 2-8-2T 11 built in 1927 by Alco.

Southern Pacific GP-9 3873 built by EMD in 1959.

San Diego & Arizona Carriso Gorge 50 built in 1910.

United States Army 7485 built by GE in 1941.

United States Navy 44 Toner 65-00608 built by GE in 1942.

US Army GP-9 1401.

United States Air Force MRS-1 1809 built by EMD in 1952.

Pullman Robert Peary built by Pullman in 1927.

Santa Fe Railway Post Office Car 74.

Southern Pacific 4-6-0 2362 built Baldwin in 1912.

Rockdale, Sandow and Southern segregated combined passenger-baggage car 3.

Santa Fe wooden caboose 1413.

Elizabeth enjoying the museum here at Campo.

Our train waiting to back down to the station to pick us up.

Museum scene.

San Diego, Arizona and Eastern Campo depot built in 1918.

San Diego and Arizona wooden boxcar 2041. Elizabeth bought a T-shirt before it was time to board the train. We talked with the train crew before they loaded the groups and we sat socially-distanced with Elizabeth and I sitting across the aisle from Greg and Marty. Now the views from the trip.

Our tickets for this trip.

A trip aboard the Pumpkin Express.

The train crossed the Pacific Crest Trail on the way back, a 2,653 mile trail that starts at the Mexican border and goes north to the Canadian border. The train returned us to Campo and while the families went to the Pumpkin Patch, we still had one more stop to make at Campo.

This was taken from a happier time on the orginal Descanso, Alpine & Pacific Railway. Roy Athey operated this unique railroad until he became eighty-six years old in January 2018 and donated the whole railroad to the Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum.

My views were saddened when Elizabeth told me his story of donation.

The 2.5 ton Brookville Locomotive that Roy used to run his trains.

This engine called Little Trammer was manufactured some time prior to 1930 by the Mancha Storage Battery Locomotive Company, St Louis.

Roy's homemade caboose.

Another of Roy's sheds.

The outhouse.

One last view of this great little former railroad. I still had one more thing to show our gang. It had been an excellent trip to the Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum.

On our way home!

I drove our group east on CA Highway 94.

The San Diego & Arizona Eastern High Bridge east of Campo. Our next stop was going to be in Jacumba but we had to stop beforehand.

The view looking into Mexico with the border wall plus the San Diego Eastern Railroad. We then went into Jacumba.

The Jacumba San Diego & Eastern Railroad station.

Former Santa Fe chair-observation car 3245 which became Santa Fe 2960, currently Amtrak 4462.

Old San Diego and Arizona Eastern wooden passenger car bodies.

A Union Pacific caboose.

Carrizo Gorge ex Union Pacific GP-40M-2 669.

Carrizo Gorge F7A 100 and 102, F7B 101 ex Washington Central and S-4 1465 ex. Southern Pacific.

Jacumba scene. From here, I drove CA Highway 94 to Interstate 8 to an exit that led us to Plaster City.

Here we found one of the engines of US Gypsum, DL535E 111. They are the last industrial narrow gauge railroad in the United States. We then drove to El Centro and discovered that the Southern Pacific station had been removed so went continued on to Pioneers Village opposite Imperial Valley College.

A track speeder.

Southern Pacific caboose 1237.

Imperial Irrigation District 0-4-0ST-T 151 built in 1918 by Alco Cooke.

Southern Pacific Foreman's section house from Estelle, California.

Southern Pacific sugar beet hopper 51700. I drove us all the way to Denny's in Indio where we had a good meal before Elizabeth drove us the rest of the way home. It had been a very good trip and we saw plenty of interesting railroading.