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Could I Still Ride Trains?

by Chris Guenzler

How could I still ride trains in the Covid-19 Era? I boarded the trains and found them empty. I thought this would be the safest place for me during the pandemic. But I would have to take precautions.

First, I had to find a mask to wear, but where since all stores were sold out of them? A bakery by Santiago Liquor had some. Then I ordered them online and after six weeks, I had plenty. Then my Elizabeth ordered some from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Next, how to ride the Metrolink trains? I always sat at a table in pre Covid-19 days so I had to come up with a plan.

I used Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner with bleach to sterilize not only the tabletops, but the sides of the table, between the seats, the bottom of the window area and the head rest. Every train I ride gets that treatment. So I was able to ride and all was good.

This was the result of the effort.

Long distance train-riding found me in my room so there was no problem there and dining car service included distance dining, so I sat at a table by myself for my meals. In Portland, I was the only passenger in the lounge so that was a moot point. Social distancing was also practiced in the lounge car.

Now with my marriage approaching, I had to devise a plan to keep all the guests safe, as well as my bachelor party. This was the rehearsal. Marty and Greg Smith were my cleaning crew and did a fine job with the area for the bachelor party. For the wedding, they cleaned the entire upper level of the car and no guests came down with the virus.

So this is how I manage to pursue my hobby of riding trains in the world of Covid-19 virus.