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A Private Sumpter Valley Railway Photo Train 10/9/2020

by Chris Guenzler

The train returned us to McEwen.

I then took another picture of Sumpter Valley 19. We walked to the south of the McEwen water tower.

The engine backed by us.

The engine then came out to switch.

The steam engine then backed to the train.

Our Rhoto Runby. Then the crew said "We will be back to pick you up". Elizabeth and I could not believe this was happening for us.

The train came back, stopped, and Elizabeth and I boarded. We asked "Where we were going?" and the crew responded, "Down the railroad for more runbys". We could not believe our luck!

We left McEwen behind and headed west down the railroad. We got to the first location and the crew told us to be careful which we were.

This is the newest car on the railroad, Leviathan 100, probably formerly Western Pacific.

We climbed up on the dredge piles and shot the engine.

The train backed up for the photo runby. The crew asked if we wanted smoke and we both answered, "Yes!"

Our second photo runby and we reboarded the train.

Elizabeth on the Leviathan.

The author on the Leviathan. We went to our next and last photo location.

Our final photo runby of the trip. Elizabeth and I extend our deep thanks to the train crew of the Sumpter Valley Railway for going the extra mile for us. They did not have to do this but they did and it made us two of the happiest people in the world. It was a fantastic experience and something neither of us will ever forget. We told them we would be back next year for their Photographer's Special and would bring some friends with us. We returned to Mc Ewen and said our goodbyes then walked back to the car, two of the happiest railfans ever.

On to The Dalles 10/9/2020

We left McEwen and headed to Baker City where we made our last railroad stop of the day.

The Baker City Sumpter Valley Railway station. We went to AJ's Corner Grill where my meal was extremely poor. I drove to the second rest stop then Elizabeth drove us the rest of the way to The Dalles. There we checked into the Cousins Country Inn for a two-night stay.