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The Hop The Milwaukee Streetcar 9/16/2020

by Chris Guenzler

After returning the rental car we took the shuttle back to the Amtrak station at the Milwaukee Airport.

The Milwaukee Airport station.

The end of a Canadian Pacific train.

Amtrak 331 came into the Milwaukee Airport. We boarded this train and rode to the Downtown Milwaukee Amtrak station where we detrained.

The Milwaukee Amtrak station.

The Hop Milwaukee Streetcar

The Hop runs from 5:30 AM to Midnight Monday through Fridays then 7:00 AM to Midnight Saturdays and 7:00 AM to 10 PM Sundays. It is completely free to ride. The Hop route is 2.1 miles long and travels through some of Milwaukee's busiest neighborhoods, including the Historic Third Ward, East Side and Lower East Side. The streetcar makes the following stops: Intermodal {Amtrak}, St. Paul at Plankinton, Historic Third Ward, Wisconsin Ave, City Hall, Cathedral Square, Jackson at Juneau, Ogden/Jackson, Ogden at Astor to the final stop at Burns Commons.

My Ride

Elizabeth would watch our luggage and ride when I returned. I saw a Hop train and made my way to it but I was too late as it departed before I arrived. However, I did get a picture of it.

The train left before I could board. I walked across the street and over to the Hop station to find out when the next train would arrive as one had just departed. According to the schedule, they run every fifteen minutes.

The Hop Streetcar 02 out of service today. I walked back across the street to be in position to get pictures of the streetcar approaching the Intermodal station.

The Amtrak station from the Hop station area.

The Hop came into the Intermodal Station down West St. Paul Avenue. I crossed the street to photograph the streetcar.

The Hop streetcar at the Intermodal Station. I boarded the Hop for my first trip aboard this streetcar system. Now sit back and enjoy the views of the Hop route to Burns Commons.

The trip to Burns Commons.

The Burns Commons sign.

The Hop Streetcar at the end of the line at Burns Commons.

Burns Commons. I reboarded the Hop for the trip back to Intermodal Station and my lovely wife Elizabeth at the Amtrak station.

Views from the return trip to the Intermodal Station where I detrained to get one last picture of the Hop.

The Hop at the Intermodal Station. I walked back to Amtrak and told Elizabeth how to find it and she went off for her first ride on the Hop. She told me how much she enjoyed it, seeing the views it provided of Milwaukee in a safe way. Everyone who comes to Milwaukee should ride the Hop as it is a free service you can ride as often as you want. She returned to the Amtrak station and we both caught up on the Internet and other things while we waited for our 3:00 PM train to Chicago. But alas, that is another story.