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Alliance to Denver 10/4/2020

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I packed up the rental car and checked out of the Alliance Hotel and Suites having had a restful stay last night. We repeated MacDonalds then gassed up the rental car for the last time and started the trip back to Denver. We caught up to a BNSF loaded coal train so I had some pictures to take once we got ahead of him.

BNSF {Union Pacific} 2646 West with DPU 9230 north of Angora. We continued south to Bridgeport.

BNSF caboose 10346 at Bridgeport. From here we found the station.

CB&Q Bridgeport station. We then started towards Sidney.

AARX GP-7u 2101 at Bridgeport. From here we drove south to Sidney to our next stop of the trip.

Union Pacific 2-8-0 407.

Sidney and Lowe Railroad box car 10002.

Burlington Northern caboose 11357.

The rear of the display train in Sidney.

One last view of Union Pacific 2-8-0 407. I then drove Elizabeth to Walmart and she bought more film to use for the rest of our trip. On the way out of the Walmart parking lot, I spotted one last thing here that we needed to take a picture of.

Union Pacific caboose 25398. We then started the trip to Sterling but were stopped at the grade crossing south of Sidney by a long BNSF coal train. After it cleared, we chased and stopped for a picture.

BNSF 9002 West at Lorenzo with that same train to stopped us at.

He met BNSF 6383 East at Lorenzo. From here we made our way to Sterling.

Great Western 0-4-0 13 at Sterling. From here we found the Union Pacific station.

Union Pacific station in Sterling. We left here taking Interstate 76 to Brush where we exited then found our next station of the trip.

The Brush CB&Q station. We took local streets to Fort Morgan and found the last station for this part of the trip.

The Fort Morgan CB&Q station. We headed to our last steam engine of this trip.

Great Western 0-4-0 41 in Fort Morgan. We then returned the rental car to Enterprise who gave us a receipt before they drove us to Denver Union Station. There my goal was to finish riding the light rail system in Denver. We purchased a Regional Day Pass and was off.

We took this A Line to the Peoria.

The Union Pacific yard in Denver.

The old Kansas and Pacific now part of the Union Pacific system.

We detrained at Peoria from the A Line train.

We boarded this R Line train to Ridgegate Parkway. This was a new line both of us as this was being built at the time of the NRHS 2016 Convention. So these stops are new Fitzsimons, Colfax, 13th Avenue, 2nd Avenue-Abilene, Aurora Metro Center, Florida, Illif, Nine Mile and Dayton.

Nearing the end of my new mileage.

This junction brings my new mileage to an end. The old station are Bellview, Orchard, Arapahoe at Village Center, Dry Creek, County Line and Lincoln.

Elizabeth was enjoying her trip.

At Lincoln, the operator opened his door so I could get a picture of my new rail mileage ahead of us at Lincoln.

The author getting his new rail mileage. The train stopped at the new stations of Sky Ridge and crossed Interstate 25 to Lone Tree City Center. This reminded me of how Santee was when the San Diego Trolley first built out to it because it was in the middle of nowhere and no development around. Our last stop was Ridgegate Parkway where we detrained.

Our R Line train at Ridgegate Parkway.

Our E Line train that we would take to I-25/Broadway. We boarded this train which would return us north through the same stops until we reached Southmoor, Yale, Colorado, University, Louisana- Pearl and we detrained at I-25/Broadway. Elizabeth was hungry so she returned to Union Station to eat and relax while I would finish the system by myself.

The H Line Train came into I-25/Broadway and stopped at Alameda, 10th-Osage, Colfax at Auraria, Theatre District-Convention Center, 16th-California and 18th-California, where I detrained.

Following was the L Line train for 30th-Downing.

I boarded the L Line train for 30th-Downing.

This switch is where my new mileage starts. This new route for me stopped at 20th-Welton, 25th-Welton, the closed stop at-27th Welton before the final stop at 30th-Downing. Now sit back and enjoy the trip to 30th-Downing.

The train arrived into 30th-Downing and I have now finished the Denver Light Rail System. This train will take me back to 16th-Stout.

This H Line train will take me back to 10th-Osage.

I did not board this H line train.

This E line train took me back to Denver Union Station. I took the tunnel where I found Elizabeth at a table and couch working on her computer. We finished the Black Hills Central Double-Headed Steam Trip story and did our rail mileage for our trip. I had the worst steak sandwich ever since I had requested just the meat and they put cheese on it, so I took it back and simply wanted it plain with nothing on it and it came back with mushroooms. Had I not checked, I would have ended up in hospital. I went to Coops Chicken and ordered a Sprite and they did not charge me. We then put this story's pictures into the computer and would write it on the Zephyr in the morning.