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Our Honeymoon The Two Day Trip to Home

by Chris Guenzler

7/18/2020We woke up at the Ramada Inn in East Ely and wrote both stories of yesterday's two trips. We left the key in the room, loaded the car and left for the McDonald's down the road. After we ate in the car, we took Highway 50/6 east and stopped at the Great Basin National Park Visitors Center since neither of us had ever been here and I had heard about it last night aboard the Nevada Northern Star Train.

The sign as we turned in. We visited the hardly-open Visitors Center and after using the facilities, we left heading east.

Elizabeth and the Great Basin National Park sign. We took US 50/6 east to Delta then turned south onto Utah 257 following the Union Pacific tracks all the way to Milford.

The Milford Lions Club meets in this former Union Pacific dining car 4053.

We had seen this Union Pacific stack train in Delta and we never saw it again until we arrived in Milford.

Union Pacific 7361 West departing Milford after a crew change. From here, we took Utah Highway 21 to Utah 130 into Cedar City. Here, this time, I was going to find the real Union Pacific passenger station. On the way to it, we found a pair of surprises.

Southern Pacific caboose 4618.

A mine steam shovel for iron ore loading.

The former Union Pacific freighthouse in Cedar City. From here we found the Union Pacific station.

The Union Pacific Cedar City passenger station. We had dinner at Sizzler across the street before Elizabeth drove to Exit 2 on Interstate 15 then I drove the rest of the way to Mesquite, pulling into the Best Western and checking in. We unloaded the car in 108 degree temperature and quickly were inside the air-conditioned room.

7/19/2020We woke up early at the Best Western Mesquite Inn, checked our e-mails and other things before we left and to gas up the car. I drove us to Barstow driving Interstate 15 and took Elizabeth to the Western American Railroad Museum and the restored Casa del Desierto, a 1911 Harvey House and train station.

Santa Fe SWBLW 1460 known as the "Beep".

Santa Fe SD-40 6307 ex BNSF 6307, ATSF 5007 and ATSF 1707.

Union Pacific caboose 25599.

Santa Fe caboose 999278.

Union Pacific SD-40-2 9950 ex Missouri Pacific 3320.

Arizona and California Railroad Business Car 58.

Santa Fe three door baggage car 199800.

Santa Fe FP45 95.

USMC 44 tonner 268236.

An Observation Car.

A BNSF freight went east through Barstow during our stop here.

JFSX caboose 447.

SFCM 950003 and 950004 A stack containers.

Santa Fe SWBLW 1460.

Arizona and California Railroad Business Car 58.

Casa del Desierto.

Elizabeth and the Casa del Desierto. Elizabeth drove home from Barstow. We took Interstate 15 over Cajon Pass then Cajon Blvd to Devore due to Caltrans road work down to a single lane of traffic. We took Interstate 215 to the CA 210 back onto Interstate 15 into the carpool lane on CA 60 and 57 and then CA 22 to Tustin Ave to our apartment thus ending our Honeymoon safe and sound in Santa Ana. Total miles driven was 5,003.