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Two Days of Train Stations in Wisconsin plus other things 11/13/2020 and 11/14/2020

by Chris Guenzler

After we left the National Railroad Museum, we drove straight into downtown Green Bay and we found two things to photograph.

Former Seaboard Air Line 6 bedroom lounge car 15 "Red Mountain", which became Amtrak 3222 "Palm Beach".

The Chicago and North Western Green Bay station built in 1899, now home to Titletown Brewing Company.

The historical sign. From here we went to Neenah in search of two stations.

The Chicago and North Western station in Neenah built in 1892.

The Milwaukee Road station in Neenah built in 1882. From here we drove to the next station in Winneconne.

The Milwaukee Road station in Winneconne built in 1880, now home to the Winneconne Historical Society Museum.

Milwaukee Road Speeder 8171 on display in front of the station. We then drove to our next stop in Oshkosh.

The Chicago and North Western station in Oshkosh built in 1884.

The Chicago and North Western freight next door to the station. Our journey continued to Fond du Lac.

The Chicago and North Western Fond du Lac station built in 1891. We then drove the rest of the way to Beaver Dam where we had dinner at the Ponderosa Restaurant before checking into the Holiday Inn Express for two nights. We caught up on our e-mail and other things on the Internet and finished yesterday's story before calling it a night.

11/14/2020Elizabeth and I woke up refreshed and worked a little on the story and checked e-mail before having a very good breakfast at Walker's Restaurant and Bakery. We did not have far to drive to our first station of the day.

Beaver Dam Milwaukee Road station built in 1900. It later served as the Dodge County Historical Museum before being restored to house the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce.

Milwaukee Road caboose 992195 on display behind the station. We then drove to the tiny community of Rolling Prairie.

The Milwaukee Road Rolling Prairie station, now a residence. From here we went into Horicon for the next two stations.

One of the two Milwaukee Road stations.

The Milwaukee Road freight house in Horicon.

Wisconsin Southern SD40-2 4183, ex. Union Pacific.

Wisconsin Southern GP38-2 3981 (ex. Penn Central) and 3890 (ex. Chicago and North Western). We drove the short distance to Fox Lake.

Milwaukee Road station in Fox Lake, built 1884 and is now a museum.

The handcar shed and station sign. The next stop on our adventure was North Fond du Lac and a surprise.

Milwaukee Road caboose 992144 now decorated as Wisconsin Central in North Fond du Lac. This car had the distinction of being part of the consist of the last Milwaukee Road Train 900 to Tacoma to leave Portland on March 7, 1980.

Wisconsin Central has come a long way, a fallen flag now belonging to Canadian National.

SOO Line station, now a residence. We then drove to the Canadian National North Fond du Lac yard to see what we could find, and were again surprised.

The Canadian National Fond du Lac shop buildings A and B.

Canadian National GP40-2LW 9625 and 9452.

Canadian National GP40-2LW 9568 and GP40 3129, ex. Illinois Central. From here we went to Telulah Park in Appleton.

SOO Line 4-6-2 736. Our journey continued to New London. It started to rain for the first time on our trip but only did so when we were driving so we were lucky during our stops.

The Green Bay and Western New London station built in 1947 and used by Mielke Auto.

Chicago and North Western station previously located on East Beacon Avenue, built 1923 and replaced the original station that dated from the 1870's. It is home to the New London Heritage Historical Society.

The train display in New London.

Laona & Northern Railway 45-ton locomotive 101 built in 1941.

Soo Line wooden box car 7618.

Chicago and North Western caboose 11153.

SOO Line caboose 1038.

The rear of the display train with semaphore signal.

One more picture of the display train.

A final picture of the display train and station. Our next stop was Waupaca but we had to stop when I spotted a train coming.

A one-car local with a Grand Trunk Western unit on it which we could not get another picture of it because it stopped to switch so we headed into Waupaca.

Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range caboose C-44, one of the surprises of the day.

The SOO Line freight house in Waupaca. We heard a horn and thought we might be seeing the local, but no, it was a Canadian National freight train that we had passed earlier.

Canadian National ES44AC 3891 West in the CN 100 livery to commemorate one hundred years of the Canadian National Railway.

The DPU was also a surprise, as it was Canadian National ET44AC 3194 with the Aboriginal Affairs logo. Developed in 2013, the logo was inspired by the relationship Canadian National maintains with all aboriginal people in Canada. The First Nations are represented by the eagle feather, the Metis are represneted by the infinity symbol and the Inuit by the Inukshuk. We were both amazed that one train could be so unique. We then drove to the other side of the tracks for yet another surprise.

SOO Line box car 11046.

Milwaukee Road caboose 992203.

The SOO Line, a Wisconsin Central station, built 1907, restored and home to the Waupaca Historical Society. We next headed south to Markesan and through the worst rain shower of the trip so far.

The Milwaukee Road Markeson station built in 1884, now a museum. We headed back to the Beaver Dam Holiday Inn Express.

11/15/2020 The next day, after the SOO Line 1003 Trains Magazine photo charter, we continued depot hunting on the way back.

The Milwaukee Road Hartford station. Our last stop was in Slinger.

Milwaukee Road Slinger, formerly Schleisingerville, station. From here we drove to the Best Western Plus hotel at Milwaukee Airport but stopped at Denny's for dinner beforehand. We checked e-mail and things on the Internet before working on yesterday's story and calling it a night.

11/16/2020 This morning we checked out of the Best Western Plus and had breakfast at Denny's. We returned the rental car to Enterprise at the Milwaukee Airport then took a waiting shuttle back to the Milwaukee Airport Amtrak station.

The Milwaukee Airport Amtrak station. We took the train into downtown Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Amtrak station.