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Starting Our Move East To Missouri With A Stop at Soldier Summit 9/29 to 9/30/2023

by Chris Guenzler

Move day was upon us! We were eagerly anticipating moving from a one-bedroom apartment in Santa Ana, California to a three-bedroom house in Columbia, Missouri. After Allied Van Lines finished loading our possessions from our apartment to their truck, we met them at Bill Compton's brother's apartment since the rest of our items were stored there. As our apartment was completely empty, Elizabeth and I went to The Habit for our last meal here then checked into the La Quinta Inn in Irvine for the night. September 29th dawned sunny and after a good breakfast at Knowlwood's, we drove back to the apartment to finalize the last of the items that were left. The moving van was completely full so after purchasing three boxes, we enlisted the assistance of David Aten who organized for their shipment to Columbia. Our car was full so we could not take them with us nor take them to UPS ourselves.

Before we left Santa Ana for the journey east, we stopped by Spectrum to return the cable box and associated items. It was therefore after noon when we finally were on the road. I drove us on California Highway 55, California Highway 91 to Interstate 215 to Interstate 15 and switched drivers at the rest area before Afton Canyon. We continued north on Interstate 15 and as we neared Primm, I had an idea. Since it was now late afternoon and our original destination of Ely was three hours away, I suggested that we stay at Whiskey Pete's in Primm rather than get into Ely very late. Elizabeth readily agreed and we drove across the freeway to Buffalo Bill's where we spent the night, and ate at the Denny's there.

9/30/2023 We arose and following our regular morning preparations, we departed Buffalo Bill's and drove across the freeway to the International House of Pancakes for breakfast. I drove as far as Fillmore, Utah and Elizabeth took over, taking us to Soldier Summit where we caught up to a train at the Thistle Tunnels. We pulled off once were ahead of the train.

BNSF 7652 East west of Narrows.

BNSF 7652 East nearing Narrows.

BNSF 7652 East east of Narrows.

BNSF 7652 East way above Narrows. We drove ahead to lower Gilluly Loop.

An unexpected find here was Union Pacific 2639 helper set.

BNSF 7652 East at the lower Gilluly Loop.

Union Pacific 2639 helper set stayed ahead of the freight train. Elizabeth and I drove to Soldier Summit and waited.

Union Pacific 2639 helper continued to stay ahead of BNSF 7652 East.

BNSF 7652 East at Solider Summit, which was Elizabeth's first train on the Summit. I drove us to Price and we went to JB's Restaurant before we checked into the Quality Inn for the night.