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First Encounter with Amtrak 156

by Chris Guenzler

I read on that Amtrak 156, the second anniversary unit was the trailing unit on the westbound Southwest Chief that left Chicago Wednesday afternoon and would arrive into Los Angeles Friday morning if all went right. I decided to go after this unit by taking Metrolink 603 to LAUPT, photograph the unit then take Metrolink 600 home. I just hoped this all would work out.

4/1/2011 Happy April Fools Day but what I was going to do was no joke. I got up at 5:21 AM and after preparing myself for the morning, I drove down to the Santa Ana Train Station then parked the car. I walked over to Track 1 and bought my round trip Metrolink ticket to Los Angeles. Metrolink 603 came in on time and I boarded the Cab Car taking a table upstairs for the trip to Los Angeles. I called Chris Parker, then Bob Cox in La Plata followed by Amtrak learning that the Southwest Chief was running fifteen minutes behind us. Prefect if I can get to my spot at LAUPT that I wanted. The train arrived into LAUPT early and I took my walk to my spot. I watched a few Metrolink trains coming and going before I heard chugging approaching around the corner.

The Southwest Chief arrived early into Los Angeles this morning. I walked down to where the power stopped for more pictures.

Amtrak 156 at LAUPT.

The motive power consist of the Southwest Chief was the 134, 815 and 156.

Two views of the Southwest Chief at rest at LAUPT.

The Faces of Metrolink.

Amtrak 815 and 156.

Two views of the Amtrak 815.

Rear view of the Amtrak 156.

Two views of Amtrak 156.

The Pointless Arrow on Amtrak 156.

More views of Amtrak 156.

Rear view of Amtrak 815.

My final view of Amtrak 156.

One last view of the Southwest Chief this morning.

Metrolink 600 will now take me home to Santa Ana. As we left the Sunset Limited arrived early into LAUPT. The trip home was quick and I detrained at Santa Ana a happy Railfan. Tomorrow the PRS Trip to Bakersfield but that will be another story.