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Cass Railroad Trip to Bald Knob 6/29/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

With everyone back aboard we left Whittaker for Bald Knob.

The grade ahead.

These blue flowers caught my eye.

Milepost 4.

The original Lima built water tender from Cass Shay 2 is use as a water storage tank.

Shay 11 working hard.

The tracks ahead.

Shay 11 still working hard.

Two views of the grade ahead.

The engine sounds great and I love watching the smoke bellow forth.

Views as we climb the steep grade to Old Spruce.

Still pushing hard up the grade.

It's the climb that I really am enjoying.

Views looking off Cass Mountain.

The Shay 11 working hard.

The engine behind.

The grade ahead.

More of the Shay 11 working hard.

Discarded steam smokestacks were dumped off the tracks at this location.

Grade ahead.

Engine working grade behind.

Two views looking ahead of our train.

Look at the hard working Shay 11.

View looking off Cass Mountain.

This is fun railroading to be a part of.

View ahead.

I love that plume of smoke being blown into the air.

Views off of Cass Mountain.

Looking towards Bald Knob.

The engine still working hard as we near Old Spruce.

The train has arrived at Old Spruce and at that switch my new mileage to Bald Knob will start.

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