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NRHS "The Arrowhead Vacationeer" pulled by Soo Line 2719 8/13/2009

by Chris Guenzler

I was up early again, putting corrections into my stories and uploading them before I went and had breakfast in the lobby of the Best Western. After putting names on some more pictures, I took the Duluth Skywalk and stopped for some Coca-Cola on the way to the Duluth Union Station where I got in line for today's steam trip.

NRHS members in line for the trip to Two Harbors.

Soo Line 2719 came from around the train then backed down onto it. It pulled forward and they boarded all First Class Passengers first before they let the rest of us board. I took a seat in the Open Window Car.

The inside of the Duluth & Iron Range Coach 33. Our train consisted of Soo Line H-23 2719, Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Northland, Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Combine W-24, Great Northern Diner 1250 Lake of the Isle, Lake Superior Museum of Transportation Baggage 1000, Great Northern 1115 Liz Prebich, Great Northern Coach 1116, Northern Pacific Coach 517 and Duluth & Iron Range Open Window Coach 33.

Our train left Duluth by backing out to the switch in order to go to Two Harbors.

Our train passed more of the museum's collection of equipment.

Our train reached the switch then started forward to Two Harbors.

The train passed under Interstate 35 and would run by it out of town.

Scenes running below Interstate 35.

The train has reached the north end of Interstate 35.

A new hiking/bike trail is being put in on the north side of the tracks.

Heading out of Duluth for the rural countryside of the North Shore. About ten minutes later they announced we would do our first photo runby of the trip.

The back up move.

Photo Runby #1. We all reboarded the train for the trip to Two Harbors.

The views looking back.

Crossing the Talmadge River.

Rolling through the forest as we head northeast towards Two Harbors.

Passing through Knife River.

Passing under the Canadian National line into Two Harbors.

Heading into Two Harbors.

Curving into Two Harbors to the switch that will allow us to back into Two Harbors.

Once the switch was thrown, our train backed into Two Harbors.

The ex Missabe now Canadian National yard in Two Harbors.

The former Missabe Roundhouse which is falling apart from age.

The Canadian National Ore Docks at Two Harbors.


There is an ore ship coming into the docks to load.

Another view of the Canadian National Ore Docks.

That is one large ore ship.

Our train arriving into Two Harbors.

The Canadian National Ore Docks.

Our train had arrived into Two Harbors.


Duluth & Iron Range 2-6-0 3.

Duluth Missabe & Iron Range 2-8-8-4 229. I went to the American Legion Hall where I had a Chicken Lunch and cake for dessert.

Duluth & Iron Range 2-6-0 3.

The station at Two Harbors.


Our train was spotted on the siding at Two Harbors.

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