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2,000,000.0 Kilometers also 1,200,000 Rail Miles Passed

by Chris Guenzler

After I returned from La Plata, the next rail mileage highlight in my life would be passing 1,200,000.0 rail miles which would just also happen to be my 2,000,000.0 Kilometer. I made a plan out to pass that mark on Wednesday 16, 2009 aboard Surfliner 572 with Bob Riskie as my conductor. I had arranged with Steve Grande to be with me to catch the exact milepost to record the event for me. I passed the 1,999,000.0 rail mile on December 10th and my plan included riding Amtrak, Metrolink as well as the Orange County Railroad Historical Society trip on Saturday December 12, 2009 on a rainy Saturday. Sunday I made a round trip to San Diego as I closed in on my next rail milestone for Chris Guenzler.

On Monday morning December 14, 2009 Surfliner 562 pulled into Santa Ana and picked me up for my trip to San Diego and return.

The run along the beach at San Clemente.

San Onofre Creek was running out into the Pacific Ocean after the rain over the weekend had cut a new path for the creeks water to reach the surf instead of being blocked by the normal sand bar.

Later on the trip south, the waves from the Del Mar Beach. When I got to San Diego we came into Track 1 instead of the normal Track 3. Surfliner 567 engine 452 had a ground relay failure and was cancelled. Surfliner 562 with two engines came into San Diego onto Track 1 and was later attached to the 567 train set which would be pulled to LA. We left San Diego ten minutes late and was only five minutes late when I got off at Santa Ana. I got off in Santa Ana with 1,199,834.6 rail miles or 1,999,724.3 Kilometers.

On Tuesday morning December 15, 2009 Metrolink 803 pulled into Santa Ana and I boarded the cab car for the trip to Oceanside.

The sun wasn't up but Saddleback Mountain was standing out against the predawn sky.

The sky right after our San Juan Capistrano stop.

The surf on this morning just south of the Metrolink North Beach San Clemente Station.

View looking out to sea and up at the morning clouds.

The San Clemente Pier.

Later we rolled along the San Onofre Bluff towards Oceanside.

The Oceanside Harbor. Anyone want a three hour cruise?

Metrolink 803 in Oceanside ready to turn as Metrolink 850 back to Riverside. I returned to Santa Ana with 1,199,937.0 rail miles or 1,999,895.0 kilometers.

December 16, 2009

Surfliner 567 was running late so I knew I could get a picture of Metrolink 600 coming into Santa Ana on this clear December morning.

Surfliner 567 then came into Santa Ana and I took a seat in the Superliner Coach.

In Orange on the side of a building just northwest of the Metrolink Station, two murals to the Orange Industry of yesterday with one featuring a steam engine.

The new sign on the Big A former scoreboard before the Rams moved into Anaheim Stadium just was made working again this last week. The train made its way to Los Angeles Union Station. I went on to Track 10 to see who was working on the Coast Starlight today.

Metrolink 876 in their new paint scheme on Track 6. I decided to go to Track 7 to get a better picture.

Bad luck today, they pulled out and headed to the Taylor Yard Facility. I went down into the station and did Sudoku Puzzles until my crew for Surfliner 572 came my way. We walked out to the same train set and I boarded Pacific Business Class for the trip back to Santa Ana. I called Steve Grande who was coming up on Surfliner 567 to photograph me at the right moment on the trip home. He was along the Los Angeles River and soon his train came in on Track 10. Steve quickly walked to the door where I was waiting and we both took the seats I had picked earlier. The train left Los Angeles on time and we headed south towards Fullerton. Just after we left Fullerton Steve took my camera as we rounded the curve at Fullerton Jct and the next grade crossing was the spot.

With Conductor Bob Riskie standing near I gave the count down and as soon as we hit the Orangethrope Grade Crossing I had reached 2,000,000,0 Kilometer or 1,2000,000.0 rail miles.

As always I raised 2 fingers for the 2,000,000.0 Kilometers and had a Coca-Cola to celebrate.

Conductor Bob Riskie shook my hand and congratulated me on my 2,000,000.0 kilometers. At Anaheim Steve detrained and I thanked him for coming along on this event in my life. A few minutes later I detrained at Santa Ana ending yet another rail adventure. I detrained with now 1,200,009.0 rail miles or 2,000,015.0 Kilometers until my next trip tomorrow.