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Southern Railway No. 154 Photography Charter Photo Freight 6/17/2017 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

For the next photo runby, we relocated to the next piece of property to the north. On this runby, I stood on the deck of a woman's house with her permission. I gave her one of my cards and thanked her for the use for her deck for the runby.

The photo runby of the freight train from the deck. I thanked the lady again for letting me use the deck and I re-located along the road for the next set of runbys.

Back up move number three of the freight train.

Photo runby number three from along the road.

Back up move number four of the freight train.

Photo runby number four of the freight train.

Back up move number five with sadness in the graveyard.

Photo runby number five with the freight train. After this runby I decided just to watch the next one without seeing it through a camera for the additional effects.

The actors portrayed the sadness of coming to a graveyard to put flags on a grave of a lost soldier from the war buried in this graveyard. This was the first of the excellent jobs that the actors did for our photo freight. Our passenger train came back across the bridge and we headed to the last grade crossing on the east end of the railroad for our next set of photos.

We went by the quarry on the way to our next photo location.

Once we detrained, our passenger consist backed west and the unattended bag was soon recovered.

The back up move for the seventh runby.

Photo runby number seven.

Photo runby number seven. The soldier returns from war and is reunited with his lover.

Back up move number eight.

Photo runby number eight. Soldier comes home and finds romance in his arms as he deboards the train. Once again, our actors performed stupendously.

Back up move number nine with the freight train.

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