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The Santa Fe 3751 Chase 5/14/2012

by Chris Guenzler

For the Chase of Santa Fe 3751, I chose four good photo locations and with using the freeway we would have no problems reaching all of them. The morning of the trip, Chris Parker met me at my house at 7:15 AM and I drove us down to the Santa Ana Train Station parking my GEO Metro in the parking structure. We crossed the bridge to Track 1 only to find the Metrolink Ticket Machine out of service. I went back to the station side and got two Orange County Day Passes for $7 each and rejoined Chris. We waited for Metrolink 607 to come in to Santa Ana to take us to Fullerton.

Metrolink 607 came into Fullerton and Chris got his first ride in the Rotem Cab Car. It was a quick trip to Fullerton and we detrained. I went and found Carl Morrison, our driver for the day before we loaded up and drove over to where Larry Boerio parked three blocks south of the station. From here we drove out to the bridle trail out at the Horseshoe Bend out in Santa Ana Canyon. We hiked up to my favorite spot. This was the first time Carl, Larry or Chris had ever shot a picture at this location. We did not have long for our first train of the day to arrive here.

First a westbound train backed into the holding track here to wait to go west.

BNSF 7203 West came below our photo location.

Metrolink 850 for Riverside came through next.

BNSF 7238 West came through next.

Metrolink 800 for San Bernardino came by us. That westbound BNSF freight in the holding track then left and a few minutes later we spotted the Santa Fe 3751 heading towards our photo location.

Santa Fe 3751 and train took the Horseshoe Bend in Santa Ana Canyon.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751.

Amtrak Heritage P42 66.

Amtrak P40 809.


Gordon Zimmerman.

Overland Trail.

Amtrak Horizon Cafe 58106.

Rio Grande Royal Gorge.

Santa Fe Tolani.

Burlington Silver Splendor.

Iowa Pacific Sky View.

Santa Fe Palm Leaf.

Pullman Pacific Sands.

California Zephyr Silver Rapids.

Santa Fe Plaza Santa Fe 503.

California Zephyr Silver Lariat.

California Zephyr Silver Solarium.

The Santa Fe 3751 and train left the Horseshoe Bend in Santa Ana Canyon. We hiked back down to the van and then drove straight to Cajon Pass and after a stop at McDonalds we headed to our next photo location at the east end of Sullivan's Curve.

Union Pacific 4673 West came down the grade and went around Sullivan's Curve.

Larry sat down to wait for the Santa Fe 3751 to arrive at our photo location.

BNSF 5036 West was the next train by our location.

Union Pacific 5362 East came down the Palmdale Cutoff and headed around Sullivan's Curve. We now would wait for the Santa Fe 3751 to come by our photo location here over looking Sullivan's curve.

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