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My next encounter with Santa Fe 3751 12/17/2016

by Chris Guenzler

I was going to have my Heninger Staff Party at Mike Haines house in San Clemente so it wasn't possible to cover the event in LAUPT in the afternoon. I thought about catching the train along the Los Angeles River at Cesar Chavez Drive from the bridge. Since it wasn't going to start its trip until 11:00 AM per the SBRHS Facebook Page I decided to do my normal train riding I do on Saturday at least as far as Los Angeles. So I got up early then drove to the Santa Ana train station used a 10 ride to get me to Oceanside on Pacific Surfliner 562 then took Metrolink 661 to Los Angeles.

The empty home where Santa Fe 3751 rests at the Redondo Turntable.

The Sunset Limited in the 8th Street Shed. Santa Fe 3751 and train was hidden behind a set of private cars in the yard. After I detrained I took pictures of my first surprise at LAUPT.

Metrolink F125 905, their newest engine was on display today at LAUPT.

Three views of Metrolink F125 905. I left the station and walked to the Cesar Chavez bridge over the Los Angeles River.

Metrolink train 358 for San Bernardino.

Metrolink 662, my usual ride to Oceanside, came by my photo location.

Pacific Surfliner 567 on approach to LAUPT.

A Union Pacific Z train left the LATC but got stopped at Main Street as he was leaving the yard.

Pacific Surfliner 572 heads for San Diego.

The Union Pacific Z train finally left Los Angeles for good.

A late running Metrolink 357 finally makes it to Los Angeles.

The Southwest Chief returns from LAUPT to the 8th Street Yard.

Metrolink 362 heads to San Bernardino.

Pacific Surfliner 769 heads for LAUPT then onto Goleta.

Finally Santa Fe 3751 backed along the Los Angeles River in a surprise consist I would never had thought of until I saw it. The train consisted of the Tioga Pass, Overland Trail SP 2981, Pacific Trail UP 5430. Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751, Amtrak Pacific Parlor Car 39974 Sonoma Valley, Amtrak Superliner Lounge Car 33030, Amtrak California Pacific Business Class Car 6801 and Amtrak F59PHI 464. After it had passed all the way by I crossed the roadway for one more picture.

Metrolink's Keller Yard where PTC has been installed and Rotem Cab Car new pilots have been attached to those cars. As I walked back I got to enjoy the whistling from the Santa Fe 3751. I walked to the Track 14 platform.

Santa Fe 3751 at rest. I then walked around to the other side.

Santa Fe 3751 at rest. I walked back over to Track 8 and waited for my Metrolink train home. Metrolink 663 came into LAUPT but we could not board it until our new crew arrived. Once they got there I boarded the Bike Car like I usually do and enjoyed the trip back home to Santa Ana ending another day with Santa Fe 3751.