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Santa Fe 3751 to San Bernardino 5/8/2010

by Chris Guenzler

I learned that Santa Fe 3751 would be pulling an all private car train out to San Bernardino for that city's first San Bernardino Railroad Days 2010. Winston Walker helped getting me the phone number of Allen Bone, VP, City of San Bernardino Pioneer & Historical Society, who gave me directions on how to get tickets. Winston and I would both be riding in the Pony Express. All this took place in mid March. As part of our tickets it would include a return to Los Angeles aboard any Metrolink Train that afternoon or evening. We should have time to see National Train Day in Los Angeles after we get back. Due to the 9:05 AM Departure Winston and I would have to drive to LAUPT to catch the train and then do a roundtrip from Santa Ana to San Juan Capistrano to get our triple guest rewards points for National Train Day 2010.


Winston picked me up and we headed up Interstate 5 to Los Angeles Union Passenger Station and parked in the MTA parking lot and I walked up onto the platform for a few pictures.

The Santa Fe 3751 to San Bernardino 5/8/2010

Metrolink new Cab Car 638. A few minutes later a few who were present saw smoke and we knew the Santa Fe 3751 was backing into LAUPT.

The train came into view.

Ex CN Business car "Tioga Pass" built in 1959.

Ex SP club lounge No. 2981 "Overland Trail" built in 1949.

Ex CB&Q No. 4735 dome-diner-lounge "Silver Splendor" built in 1956.

Ex CP baggage express car No. 4210 "Pony Express" built in 1941.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751.

Metrolink 892.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751.

Santa Fe 3751 and train ready to depart for San Bernardino.

One more view of the Santa Fe 3751. I walked over to the platform and waited outside the Pony Express to board. While we waited the Southwest Chief pulled in, Metrolink 260 from Lancaster and then Metrolink 351 came in before we boarded the train via the Silver Splendor. As we waited what would come into LAUPT next?

Stan Garner our host and owner of the Pony Express.

Pacific Surfliner 763 next arrived into LAUPT. At 9:05 AM Surfliner 763 left for Santa Barbara. We waited for a green signal to depart for San Bernardino.

The Trip

At 9:18 AM the Santa Fe 3751 started the trip to San Bernardino.

The newly wrapped Pacific Surfliner 457 10 Years of Surfliner Service as we left Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal.

Leaving the station passing the old Terminal Tower.

The Tioga Pass leaving the station.

The Santa Fe 3751 passes the Coast Starlight backing into the station.

The Santa Fe 3751 passes Mission Tower.

Our train then crossed the Los Angeles River.

The Santa Fe 3751 will pass through the switches to reach the Metrolink San Bernardino Line.

The Tioga Pass came off of the Los Angeles River.

Downtown Los Angeles to the west.

The train passed under North Mission Road.

The train started its journey along the San Bernardino Freeway by passing under the Golden State Interstate 5 Freeway. The sounds of the Santa Fe 3751 sounded really incredible as we headed east as it echoed off the concrete walls along the freeway.

Next we went under Marengo Street and a few minutes later past through the Cal State Los Angeles Metrolink Station before we entered the middle of the San Bernardino Freeway.

In the middle of the San Bernardino Freeway.

The Santa Fe 3751 passed the siding in the middle of the freeway. I then saw a truck and I knew who was driving it.

Here is my good friend Chris Parker taking a picture of our train as he was driving east on Interstate 10.

Two views as the Santa Fe 3751 took us down the San Bernardino Freeway.

Nearing El Monte our route left the freeway and headed out onto the El Monte Flyover.

The train high over El Monte as our locomotive managed to stop baseball games on the baseball fields below our route.

The Santa Fe 3751 put on a great show coming off the El Monte Flyover.

The train pulled into the El Monte Station where we paused for a few minutes before we continued east.

The Santa Fe 3751 crossed the Flyover across the former Southern Pacific Sunset Route and San Gabriel River.

Chris Parker now on the ground at CP Basset before our train turned northeast.

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