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Santa Fe 3751 to San Bernardino 5/8/2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The Santa Fe 3751 rolled by the backyards as we passed through Baldwin Park.

Taking the big curve on the way to Covina.

The Santa Fe 3751 took this smaller curve and ran through the Covina Metrolink Station.

East of Covina the Santa Fe 3751 took this smaller curve before we came to a stop. I called Lets Talk Trains and after we started moving gave the listeners the chance to hear the Santa Fe 3751 whistle and bark as we headed east for Pomona.

The platform for the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds.

The Santa Fe 3751 curved into Pomona.

The Metrolink Dispatching Center in Pomona.

The old Santa Fe Pomona Station where on several trips I got off and on the Desert Wind there.

The Santa Fe 3751 has finally reached its former home rails as we rolled onto the former Santa Fe 2nd District for the rest of the trip to San Bernardino. The Santa Fe 3751 rolled east to Montclair where we took the siding and waited about twelve minutes for Metrolink 357 to pass by on its way to Los Angeles.

Later a winery at Cucamonga.

The Rancho Cucamonga Station is having a passenger tunnel installed.

The train has reached the outskirts of Fontana.

Chris Parker at Etiwanda Avenue.

Platform at the California Speedway that Metrolink Racing Trains use.

We made a stop at the Kaiser Siding to wait for Metrolink 359 before we rolled into Rialto to wait to pick up the Mayor of San Bernardino.

Leaving Rialto there was Chris Parker for the last time along our route.

The Santa Fe 3751 passed beneath the Palmdale Cutoff with photographers being very dangerous being on the Union Pacific owned bridge. Acts like this is what gives Railfans a bad name with the railroads.

The 3751 takes the curve into San Bernardino that leads to the Flyover here.

The Santa Fe 3751 crossed the Flyover and was ready to pull into the San Bernardino Station.

Just a few photographers on the Mount Vernon Bridge.

And only a few more as we pulled into the San Bernardino Station. It has been a great trip behind the Santa Fe 3751 getting to not only hear that great whistle but the engine working hard as we came to San Bernardino. We detrained to join the thousands of people who came to see the Santa Fe 3751 arrive into San Bernardino today.

The Santa Fe 3751 surrounded by lovers of that unique engine.

New Metrolink Coach 211 was on display here but not opened for tours. I really wanted to see the new collapsible tables in this new car. I saw all the tables and toured the station to see the exhibits before going back out to see the Santa Fe 3751 one last time.

Santa Fe 3751 at San Bernardino. Winston and I watched about twenty minutes of the UP 844 coming to Los Angeles back in 1989 before we waited for our Metrolink Train 363 back to Los Angeles. Chris Parker stopped by for a quick visit before he watched our train leave for LAUPT. Winston and I relaxed the miles back to Los Angeles. There he waited by the fish tank while I went and photographed what Los Angeles had to offer.

National Train Day Los Angeles.

Amtrak 457 Ten Years of Surfliner Service, Ten Easy Going Years 25 Million Riders.

The lines were long to tour the equipment.

Pacific Harbor Lines 80 on display.

UPY 2719 and 2744 also on display.

Private Cars were the Montana, Salisbury Beach and Scottish Thistle. I stopped by the Depot Inn & Suites table and said Hello to Matt Mezler who was there before I found Winston at the meeting place and a long slow drive down the Santa Ana Freeway home. From there we went to the Santa Ana Train station taking Surfliner 580 to San Juan Capistrano and Surfliner 583 back north to Santa Ana to get our triple Guest Rewards Points for riding on National Train Day. He dropped me off back at my home ending another fantastic adventure behind the Santa Fe 3751.

Santa Fe 3751 return to Los Angeles May 9,2010

Bill Compton and his daughter Mary Ann met me at my house and we dropped off my car at the Santa Ana Train Station before we drove to Heritage Park in Santa Fe springs so Bill could see the train displays.

Santa Fe 2-8-0 870. From there we drove to the Metrolink Line near Bassett and waited for the Santa Fe 3751.

Metrolink 366 came by which would meet Santa Fe 3751 at Covina. About 4:10 PM we saw smoke and then a headlight as our train approached.

Santa Fe 3751 came by our location and the three of us enjoyed the sound of the engine and whistle. From here Bill got me back to Santa Ana via the San Bernardino and Orange Freeway. I made Surfliner 582 for the quick 22.0 mile trip to San Juan Capistrano for a final train ride with Bob Riskie.

Surfliner Conductor Bob Riskie Retires

On Sunday May 9, 2010 Surfliner Conductor Bob Riskie once he completed his runs on Surfliners 572 and 785 retired from Amtrak. Bob started his railroading days working two years with the Western Pacific. Once that Western Pacific merged into the Union Pacific he lost that job but then joined the Southern Pacific where he worked for 16 years. Again once the Southern Pacific was merged with the Union Pacific he lost that job. He then joined Amtrak where he started as a Car Attendant where I met him on the Coast Starlight when I was coming back from a trip in Canada and he then became an Assistant Conductor and later a full Conductor. He worked twelve years with Amtrak with no time lost due to any rules violation or disciplinary action which Bob is most pleased by. He wishes to thank all the Amtrak personnel who has provided him with assistance through the past twelve years. He will be moving to Bend, Oregon leaving along the Deschutes River to enjoy his retirement.

Bob working the Santa Fe 3751 steam special to San Diego on May 1, 2010.

Bob had some of the best PA Comments I had ever heard aboard a train. Here are just a few. coming into Irvine on Surfliner 572 "We will be arriving into Irvine few minutes early so now is the time for Stretching, Smoking, Tap Dancing and Standing on your head!" A few minutes later it was " Now is the time to cease and disist from Stretching, Smoking, Tap Dancing and Standing on your head and reboard the train. Next stop will be San Juan Capistrano." At San Clemente northbound on Surfliner 785 "If you want to take a dip in the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean just remember the next train is twenty four hours from now." On most days Surfliner 785 would be delayed due to that Metrolink train that leaves Oceanside eight minutes before 785 does, you would hear "From now until Los Angeles all station stops will be brief. If you don't exit the train at your stop you might experience a Panic attack. So be at the door so you don't see your station fade into the horizon instead of the train fading into the horizon." Two things Bob won't miss at all is having to do cash fares and credit cards. One good thing is he never had issued him one of those new credit card machines.

Surfliner 785 comes into San Juan Capistrano on Bob's final run.

Bob greets me at the door on his final trip as an Amtrak Conductor. I rode with him back to Santa Ana and shook his hand one last time as an active Amtrak Conductor with only 36.0 miles left until he steps off the train for the final time. Bob will come in to Los Angeles on May 10, 2010 to turn in his keys, ticket books and one final audit and 141 years after the completion of the transcontinetal railroad completion, Bob Riskie will be officially a retired man.

Bob and I became good friends and we did many trips together. Highlights include the Grand Excursion 2004, Bart Jennings Rare Mileage Trips in Oregon and Washington and with Chris Parker we all did the Royal Gorge, Durango & Silverton, Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad and the Rio Grande Scenic. Bob was a wealth of knowledge and a blast to travel with. I wish him all the best in his retirement and that it be a very long one. Take care, Bob.