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Union Pacific 3985 to the UP Historical Society Convention May 1994

by Chris Guenzler

The UP Challenger 3985 was going to come to the UP Historical Society Convention in Ontario, California. I learned the schedule from Flimsies and made plans to capture the Union Pacific 3985 on film again. Bill and I decided to go out to Cima Hill the day before to do some photography. We went out the day before catching freight trains and a pair of Desert Tortoises mating.

Here is a westbound freight on Saturday the 14th coming through Cima.

Later we caught this westbound.

We camped out at Hole in the Rock for the night.

5/15/1994 The next morning, we took pictures of the many UP freights and westbound Desert Wind before the Union Pacific 3985 headed through Cima.

Bill and I started our chase heading down Cima Hill to Elora for our next shot.

Back on the move again, we jumped out in front of Union Pacific 3985 to Hayden where I shot these pictures.

We followed the Union Pacific 3985 to Kelso, where the steam engine would take water letting Bill and I get back to Interstate 15 to Afton Road which we took into the west end of Afton Canyon.

After a wait, the 3985 rolled through. We caught the 3985 again at Dunn as it had slowed for an eastbound stack train and then later after Yermo crossing the Mojave River.

From there, we high tailed it to Cajon Pass getting above Blu Cut on the Forest Service Road for our last picture of the day.

Union Pacific 3985 Trip 1 Ontario to Barstow 5/21/1994

Six days later found me at the east side of Ontario catching the Union Pacific 3985 running from its storage area in Montclair to it's passenger pick up point at the East Ontario Metrolink Station.

From there, I went to Pedley finding a dead end road that led to the tracks where I got this picture just west of The Pedley Station.

Due to a red signal the Union Pacific 3985 had in Riverside, it allowed me to get back ahead of the Union Pacific 985 to Colton Crossing for this picture. I got back on the 215 Freeway and took it to I 15 getting off at CA 138 and taking the US Forestry Road back into Sullivan's Curve.

Union Pacific 3985 came up the grade into Sullivan's Curve. Once it had passed, I returned to Santa Ana very satisfied with my picture locations for the day Sullivan's Curve.

Union Pacific 3985 Trip 2 Ontario to Barstow 5/22/1994

On this morning, Jeff joined me and we went to Ontario finding a road along the south side of the airport for the shuttle move to East Ontario.

We stopped by East Ontario for some quick pictures, before we headed to the Santa Ana River Bridge for our next pictures.

Getting back on the 215 Freeway to San Bernardino, we caught the Union Pacific 3985 in front of the station there.

From there, we headed to Cajon Pass getting these pictures at one of my favorite locations in the pass. Once the Union Pacific 3985 had gone east, we headed back to Santa Ana.

Union Pacific 3985 Ontario to Las Vegas 5/24/1994

I went straight to the UP Santa Ana River Bridge again to set up for my first picture of the day.

From there I went to Colton once again for another picture on this very cloudy day. I returned to Santa Ana a very happy photographer.