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The Chase of Union Pacific 3985 10/4/2010

by Chris Guenzler

I got up at 6:00 AM at the Depot Inn & Suites and after my morning duties, I had my breakfast. I then got the keys to the van before I left and I drove into La Plata. I made a right on MO Highway 156 then turned onto Mo Route 3 and saw a train coming.

A BNSF eastbound came beneath my location and headed east into the morning sun. I then drove Mo Route 3 to US Highway 36 and drove west before turning south of MO 139 which took me through Sumner.

Never a train when you need one at BNSF bridge across the Grand River. From here I took Route D west and turned south on US Highway 65 which I took south into Carrollton.

I was surprised to find Southern Caboose X348 in north Carrollton before I went to find the old Santa Fe station in town.

The former Santa Fe Station in Carrollton. From here I took US Highway 65 south across the Missouri River and parked the van before I walked back out on the bridge.

I didn't like this photo location so I drove down into Waverly by taking Main Street down to the park which the Union Pacific River Line runs through. I parked the van facing out so I could make a quick escape after the steam went through.

The Missouri River at Waverly. I walked to my photo location and introduced myself to the other rail fans who were there. We waited about thirty minutes when someone spotted the headlight coming down the tracks.

The Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 3985 ran through Waverly. I made my quick escape being the second car out and took US Highway 65 to MO 240/41 which I took to the bridge over the Union Pacific mainline east of Marshall. Here we learned that a large group of people thought the train was coming along the KCS Line so they weren't here along the Union Pacific mainline. I met a few more rail fans here and soon we saw the train coming again towards all of us.

The Union Pacific 3985 came into Marshall, Missouri. A local rail fan led me to Indian Foothill Park and there we found the UP 3985 being serviced.

The Union Pacific 3985 at Marshall being serviced. I headed back to MO 240/41 and went east on MO 41 to Lamine for my next pictures of the Union Pacific 3985. Again I met several new people including Steve Mitchell owner of Yard Goat Images who I had just bought some DVD's last week. Talk about a small world. There were 5 of us enjoying the very nice day when about five minutes before the train showed up we had about twenty people including the UP Special Agent.

The Union Pacific 3985 ran through Lamine heading to Jefferson City. I led the way to Interstate 70 which I sped east on to the first Boonville exit and took Business 70 in Boonville and turned north on US Highway 40 to Water Street and parked off of a driveway before I ran out onto the US 40 Bridge. The old MKT Bridge over the Missouri River would be in the background of my pictures here.

The Union Pacific 3985 gave us a smokey run through Boonville.

After the train passed through, I walked further north out onto the bridge for another picture of the MKT Bridge. Back to the van I went west on Water Street to High Street which I turned west on taking it west to what I was looking.

The Boonville MKT Station with a MKT Caboose out in front.

MKT Caboose 134.

The MKT Boonville Station.

One more view of the MKT Boonville Station. From here I went back to Interstate 70 east to Colombia where I found the KFC but no signs of the Colt Railroad. I then took US Highway 63 back to La Plata where I stopped to show Bob Cox my pictures before I gassed up the van before returning to the Depot Inn & Suites. Later I had a Porterhouse at the Red Rooster before relaxing the rest of the evening.