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The Amtrak 40th Anniversary Train in San Diego 12/3/2011 Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

Make a break for it.

Amtrak state-supported services.

The Acela Express.

Amtrak Connects.

More Amtrak stuff.

Catenary Display.

Track Display.

Acela Uniforms.

Acela Attendant Uniform.

National Train Day display.

E ticketing and Conductor ticketing machine.

Display Monitor.

The 2000's

I've been working on the railroad.

Headroom, Legroom, Breathing Room.

Our trains still let off plenty of steam.

Dining Car Uniform.

Acela seats.

Pass by gas stations with glee.

Take the road less frazzled.

The 2000's.

Onboard Wi-Fi via Amtrak Connect.

Point A to Point Be.

Proud to celebrate 40 years of America's Railroad.

Thank you to the employees who donated or lent to make this display possible.

The National Association of Railroad Passengers.

Viaggio Train Set.

Items for sale in the Store Car.

Amtrak Enjoy the Journey.

Model Train Passenger Cars for sale.

40th Anniversary Train for sale.

More things for sale.

Create your exhibit train.

Next stop, store

Trains & Travel Choices Americans want.

Siemens new high speed engines for the Northeast Corridor.

The National Association of Railroad Passengers.

More things for sale.

Mural near the cash register. Here I bought a T-shirt and coffee mug.

The lounge area of the store car.

White 40th Anniversary T-Shirt.

The Trains Poster.

Me in the lounge area of the store car. That finishes our tour of the 40th Anniversary Amtrak Display Train.

AC Adam in front of the former F40ph.

Me in front of the former F40ph. With that we visited the vending machines in the San Diego Station then went out to the Pacific Business Class Line to wait to board Surfliner 775. AC walked me out to the train where we said our goodbyes,. I boarded the train and took an Oceanside window seat. I went back outside for a pair of pictures.

The Amtrak 40th Train and Surfliner 775.

One last view of the Amtrak 40th Annivesary Train. I returned to 775 we left San Diego on time and I put the pictures and made the pages for this story as the train took me back to Santa Ana on time. I wrote the story as I watched NHL Hockey Games.