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NRHS Southern Pacific Stampede Pass Trip 6/25/2011 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The Southern Pacific 4449 delivered us to Easton and we would now be off the train for at least 2 hours. The plan was to wye the motive power then once the train was put back together a Photo Runby would be held. We detrained but I had to get a pair of pictures from the railroad history of Easton.

The former Milwaukee Road grade in Easton. We then joined a photo line so when the motive power cut away from the train we would be in a position to photograph it.

The Southern Pacific 4449 at rest at Easton.

Southern Pacific 4449 on the way to the Easton Wye.

Southern Pacific 4449 Engineer Doyle McCormack. From here we relocated to get the engine coming around the train and for the Photo Runby.

The Southern Pacific 4449 went around the train and down to the switch.

The Southern Pacific 4449 backed onto the train.

The Southern Pacific 4449 backed out of the house track and into the siding to perform the Photo Runby.

Some local railfans don't have a clue about proper photo line etiquette.

Southern Pacific 4449 performed the Photo Runby.

The Southern Pacific 4449 backed the train back by us and went east past the house track switch before it started back towards us.

The Southern Pacific 4449 returned up the house track for boarding.

The Southern Pacific 4449 is ready to board for Tacoma. I showed Doyle my NS the Menace Shirt and he had a good laugh about it. They serviced the Southern Pacific 4449 and we left Easton at 3:18 PM heading back to Tacoma with me now relaxing onboard the train. I visited with friends, rode the open door baggage car then showed Bob Riskie my 40 years of Amtrak Program. I talked with Bart and Sarah about next year's convention. All too soon we joined the Seattle-Tacoma mainline just as the southbound Cascade Talgo went flying by. I said my goodbye to Bart and Sarah right as we neared Tacoma and hustled back to my seat. Elizabeth and I were second in line to detrain. It had been a fantastic NRHS Trip over Stampede Pass.

Back to the house

We walked back to the Freighthouse Square Parking Structure and got the car and headed over to Fife where we went to Dacca Park where one of my favorite locomotives is on diSouthern Pacificlay.

Chehalis Western C415 684 on diSouthern Pacificlay at Dacca Park.

The end view of the Chehalis Western C415 684.

One more view of the Chehalis Western C415 684. From here we drove back to Lynnwood for the night.