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NRHS 2016 Convention Denver Light Rail Tour Part 2 7/20/2016

by Chris Guenzler

We had finished the W Line and now would do the Southwest Line of the Denver Light Rail System. Once our operator switched ends at Auraria West, we started down the Southwest Line or D Line which is joined by the Southeast Line which includes the C, E and W Lines at this point.

We left the W line behind and started down the C and E lines.

One of the many crossovers on this system.

We then came to the junction of the D, F and H lines that would be with us now until I-25-Broadway station.

The south end of that connection.

The train is on the way to the 10th-Osage station.

The 10th-Osage station.

The former D&RGW Burnham shops once was located here.

The Auraria carbarn shops.

On the way to Alameda station.

The Alameda station.

On the way to the I-25-Broadway station, we passed an inbound light rail train.

The I-25-Broadway station.

The connection to the E, F, R and H Lines.

BNSF has staged a coal train here as we make our way to the Evans station.

The Evans station.

The Denver Light Rail shops between Evans and Englewood stations.

A BNSF coal train and an inbound light rail train passes us as we make our way to Englewood station.

The Englewood station.

You can see the skyline of downtown Denver in this photograph.

Another staged BNSF stack train between Englewood and Oxford-City of Sheridan.

The Oxford-City of Sheridan station.

Another staged BNSF coal train.

Our train takes the flyover the BNSF tracks as we continue to the Littleton-Downtown station.

On the way to the Littleton-Downtown station.

The Littleton-Downtown station. The D&RG station still stands but it has been turned backwards from its original location.

On the way to the Littleton-Mineral station.

Arriving at the end of the D Line at Littleton-Mineral, we meet an inbound train.

The Littleton-Mineral train.

Our trolley at Littleton-Mineral. Here they gave everyone another photography and bathroom stop.

This is the tail track to a layover yard south of the station.

Another train for downtown Denver is ready to leave. Our operator announced that if anybody wanted to stay on the car, we would go down to the layover facility. This would be a chance to get very rare mileage on the Denver light rail system. So Elizabeth and I stayed on to get this unique rail mileage.

We went down half a mile and came to a stop.

Another train came in and parked in front of us, causing us not to be able to escape.

DPUs of a BNSF coal train came by while we were on the layover track.

Next a BNSF local came up the Joint Line by us. Once that trolley in front of us cleared and headed to downtown Denver, we were now free to head north. We pulled back to the station and picked up all our passengers then proceeded north.

Our return trip to north of the I-25-Broadway station. Next we would ride the Southeast Line.

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