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Post La Plata Spring 2014 Railfan Event and the Trip Home Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

My wait at the old bridge west of Gibbs continued until I saw a headlight come over the ridge at Gibbs.

BNSF 7460 West at the old bridge west of Gibbs.

A view of the old bridge west of Gibbs.

A fire was burning and I hoped that it was not the Amish lumbering company near the old bridge east of Gibbs.

A signal inspector stopped at the signal to see what was going on with them this morning.

You know you are bored when you take pictures when of the clouds in the sky. Amtrak was not due into La Plata until near 1:00 PM today.

Amtrak's Southwest Chief Train 4 left La Plata at 12:47 PM and came by me about ten minutes later. I returned to the Depot Inn & Suites, stored my stuff in my room then took the golf cart out to the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point.

Thank you Bruce Shelton for the nice comment on the wall of the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point.

BNSF 6521 West went by the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point. I returned to the Depot Inn & Suites and worked on the story this afternoon. I got sick to my stomach and from my rear end. I did manage to relax on my last evening in La Plata before I took a sauna bath and called it a night.

4/12/2014 After a long night of not feeling well, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day to get home. I had a light breakfast then checked out of the Depot Inn & Suites. I drove south on US 63 to US 24 to MO 15 south to US 24 East to MO 17 that took me across Mark Twain Lake twice then east on 154 to MO 19 then US 54 East to Farber, my first stop of the morning.

The Chicago & Alton later GM&O station in Farber.

I continued east on US 54 and was caught off guard by this westbound KCS train. I continued east on US 54 to Louisiana my next stop after I turned south on MO 79 which I would take south to O'Fallon.

The Chicago & Alton later GM&O station in Louisiana.

The KCS bridge across the Mississippi River at Louisiana.

BNSF 8843 North at Louisana. I left Louisiana heading south on MO 79.

A few miles further south was BNSF 5026 in a siding.

More miles south was this unknown BNSF train in a siding. I took MO 79 south to Route M into O'Fallon, my next stop.

The O'Fallon Wabash station. From here I drove to St Charles and found the Wabash station.

MKT Caboose 139 at St Charles.

The St Charles Wabash Station.

Wabash Caboose 2806 at St Charles. From here I drove into Ferguson for my last photo stop of this trip.

The Ferguson Wabash Station.

Views looking at the old Wabash Railroad at Ferguson. I drove back to Natural Bridge Blvd and stopped at Arby's for some lunch then returned the rental car. I took the shuttle back to the St Louis Airport and went through security which was quick. I finished the story to this point then relaxed waiting for my flights home.

United Airlines Flight 6186 4/12/2014

Everything works out if you let it would be one title for this trip or a bad Monty Python skit would sum it all up. First our plane was bad ordered from the beginning so we were waiting for a plane from Newark. When it arrived here an hour after our flight should have left, the pilot refused to take it because the engine was leaking oil. United kept us informed about eveything. They even tried to get me on an American flight to Los Angeles but by the time I got to their ticket counter the flight was full. I went back to the United ticket counter and they got me on the first flight of the morning. I was happy now because I should be able to join Elizabeth in riding Santa Fe 3751 tomorrow afternoon back from San Bernardino. I had to go through security a second time. A new plane was flown just for us from Cleveland and my wonderful flight attendant tracked its progress across the country for us. Another passenger got me the Penguins/Flyers game score with the Pens losing 4-3 in overtime. The plane arrived from Cleveland at 9:00 PM and we all boarded for the flight to Denver. Everyone connecting to other planes that they missed would be put up in hotels in Denver and everyone would fly to their destinations tomorrow. The flight was bumpy in parts and Orion was seen pointing our way to Denver. Once we landed, we learned that United had only printed five of the passenger's hotel vouchers. If they knew this and had five hours to do this, why was it not done? Everyone was processed one at a time using three agents. Once I got mine I headed to Door 508 at the main terminal and joined the others going to the Doubletree Hotel. We saw every other hotel's shuttles come and go and finally I called learning that it would be here at 11:45 PM. After picking us up, it took twenty minutes to reach the hotel. I got my room and went straight to bed.

United Airlines Flight 6209 4/13/2014

I woke up at 5:00 AM and decided to work on the story while I was still in Denver. I had a 6:00 AM Shuttle back to the airport, went through security and took the train back to Terminal B. I used my meal vouchers then went to wait for my flight home. We had to wait for seven passengers from a flight from Chicago. Once on the move the plane had to be de-iced before we could take off. This was a good flight and once we landed I called Randy who picked me up and took me home ending yet another adventure to Missouri.