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NRHS 2016 Convention Denver Commuter Rail A Line Tour Part 4 7/20/2016

by Chris Guenzler

We enjoyed some butterscotch ice cream which hit the spot. We made our way to the platform for the A Line train ride.

Our special four-car A Line train at Denver Union Station.

The other end of our A Line train.

We boarded car 4025.

We depart Union Station and pass an inbound wrapped A Line train.

A Denver Light rail train arrives at Union Station as we depart.

Curving out of Union Station onto new mileage for me. The BNSF line is adjacent to the A Line.

We pass the BNSF yard on our route.

There are many condominiums and apartments being built near the various light rail lines.

We passed some Union Pacific locomotives.

A rail yard scene as we make our way to the first station on this line.

View outside the window.

The grade crossings are currently flagged by people as there have been numerous software problems with the Positive Train Control system. The University of Colorado A Line is the first commuter rail line in the country to have PTC installed when it was built.

Grain elevator along the route.

A view as we approach the first station.

The 38th-Blake station.

The views as we continue to the next station on the line.

The 40th-Colorado station.

There is a safety program about not crossing the tracks which includes this image.

More flaggers protecting the grade crossing.

We leave the city limits behind and enter open countryside.

A building along our route.

The train travels on the long flyover over I-70.

Views along our route as we get closer to Denver International Airport, the terminus of the A Line.

Views as we approach the airport.

Our special convention A Line train has arrived at the airport. We went up the escalator up to the overlook and I took pictures looking down and caught a train leaving the station.

Views from the overlook at Denver International Airport.

Our train in the station ready to depart. We boarded for the return ride to Central Park Station.

A view looking toward the airport.

Two last views of the A Line trains at the airport.

We rode to the Central Park station where the buses were waiting to take us back to the Holiday Inn, then boarded the bus. We walked back to our hotel and worked on the story before going to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Stories were worked on the rest of the evening before we called it a night.