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A Tribute to Amtrak

by Chris Guenzler

Let's go back in time to look at Amtrak from the early days.

The first Amtrak unit I ever saw was on the Broadway Limited in Harrisburg in 1971. Here is E8A 4316 in fresh paint.

The UA Turbo Train toured the country in 1971. Here it rests at Los Angeles Union Station in 1971

Amtrak 74 in 1972 in the Yellow Bonnet colors the Santa Fe painted a few of the lease units in for Amtrak service.

Amtrak 75 waiting time at Santa Ana in 1973.

Amtrak 74 again, this time at Orange with Santa Fe F-units and Hi-level cars in 1973.

The Coast Starlight at Los Angeles with Great Western Cars buried behind the SP SDP-45's.

SP FP-7A 6453 at Bakersfield waiting to depart on the northbound San Joaquin in 1974.

Coast Starlight with SDP-40F 552 leading southbound through Centralia, Washington in 1974.

The Amtrak Expo 74 Train coming into Ephrata, Washington in 1974.

Amtrak's F7A 106 on the Expo 74 at Ephrata in 1974.

Amtrak's F7B 151 at Ephrata in 1974.

BN E8A 9942 coming off the San Francisco Zephyr in Denver during the power swap that took place every day. 1975

The Amtrak F7B 150 was assigned to San Diegan Service but was renumbered 398. 1974

The SDP-40F 526 leads the Southwest Limited through Devore in 1974.

SDP-40F 527 waiting on time in Santa Ana. 1974

The EL Camino Trainset also known as Baxter Ward's Choo Choo was assigned into regular San Diegan service in 1974.

Amtrak E9A 417 as well as 416 along with E9B's 451 and 452 were assigned to San Diegan service for over a year. 1976

Amtrak 416 on the point of San Diegan 775 at Santa Ana in 1976.

A night shot of the 416 at Santa Ana in 1976.

The first run of the Amfleet cars and new F-40PH's with SDP-40F 525 leading 224 and 223 in May of 1976. The 525 was on the point as the F-40's hadn't had their Automatic Train Stop shoes added yet.

The next day find the first pure trainset that would be used here for years to come. My brother Bruce is working baggage.

The first Rohr Turbo crests Cajon Pass at Summit in June 1976.

The third Turbo heads east through Santa Ana in 9/1976.

The Tumbleweed Connection arrived in Santa Ana in 1976.

The short lived weekend Las Vegas Limited arrived in Pomona in 1976.

SDP-40F's 627 and 626 led the San Francisco Zephyr east through Yuba Gap in 1976.

Another SF Zephyr with 625 on the point heads east near Reno. 1976

The Southwest Limited on a bad day at Blu Cut in Cajon Pass. A little mishap at Victorville caused the freight power to be added for the trip to Los Angeles. 1978

The Sunset Limited at Summit on the Santa Fe due to a SP wreck at Niland. 1979

The Desert Wind heads up Cajon Pass at Devore in 1980.

The SF Zephyr with a UP high speed SD-40-2 on the point at Taggett, Utah in 1980.

The Pacific International enters Seattle near the end of its run from Vancouver, BC. 1982

The Sunset Limited arrives in Pomona on a foggy Southern California morning in 1984.

Amtrak's 26, the Pioneer rolls through Auburn, Washington in 1986.

Amtrak San Joaquin 708 runs down the street at Fresno in 1987.

The Empire Builder descending the east face of Marias Pass in 1989.