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Memories of Cajon Pass through the years!

by Chris Guenzler

Sunrise starts another day of railfanning on Cajon Pass. Here we see the Union Pacific 3456 West descending through Devore in February of 1986. I will now take you back in time to a period of railroading in Cajon Pass with three railroads.

Let's start our tour of Cajon Pass off the Mount Vernon Bridge in San Bernardino as the Santa Fe 3328 East rolls though "A" Yard in March of 1979.

Santa Fe's York Canyon Coal Train passes through San Bernardino on April 11,1979

Santa Fe 3354 West with a pair of NW SD-45's comes in front of the San Bernardino Station. 9/1/78

UP U-30-C 2835, CNW SD-40-2 3167, CNW SD-45 947 and UP DD-40AX 6945 passes through town with the Santa Fe San Bernardino Shops in the background. 7/12/1979

DRGW 5337 led a UP unit and two SP units through San Bernardino of a fantastic April of 1979 afternoon.

Santa Fe 5903 comes into San Bernardino on a beautiful November of 1980 afternoon.

Santa Fe 5531 East has the EMD SD-45X unit in it's consist on June 10th,1979

UP SDP-35 1405 a rare unit to visit Southern Caifornia takes it's train east towards Yermo. 4/1979

Santa Fe 5539 East with a B&O GP-40 heads east out of town in February of 1980.

UP 3143 East with a pair of NW Units climbs the grade at Highland Avenue in North San Bernardino May 1980 on a rainy morning.

UP 3105 West with a pair of Missouri Pacific units at the Highland Avenue Bridge in April of 1980.

UP 3681 East with a Conrail, MKT, Western Pacific and Cotton Belt units climbs towards Ono. 5/10/1980

Union Pacific's LABN with 3760 on the point passed through Ono. 11/1981

Santa Fe 3241 East at Verdemont in February of 1982.

Amtrak Southwest Limited rolls west through Verdemont on September 1st,1978.

Santa Fe 5928 east with a NW SD-45 climbs at Verdemont. 9/1/78

UP 3625 West descending through Verdemont of March 5th,1982.

Santa Fe 136 West rolled in Verdemont in November of 1991.

CNW 8642 West decended through Devore in December of 1992.

Southern Pacific's Palmdale Cutoff starts it's westward route at West Colton. Here we see the SP 8906 East coming off the Cutoff in February of 1980.

SP 8237 West climbs through Slover, the first siding out of West Colton in December of 1982.

SP 6800 West climbed the grade towards Dike in May of 1988.

SP 8542 East about two miles below Dike Siding heading to West Colton on May 2,1982.

SP 7418 West headed through Dike in May of 1985.

Southern Pacific 7347 working hard as it passes through Dike{Devore} in April of 1982.

Southern Pacific 9126 East comes into Devore on December 31st 1980, my birthday.

DRGW SD-45 5337 led a UP DD-40AX east through Devore in February of 1980.

UP 6913 West heads through Devore on the Super Van in April of 1979.

UP 8031 East climbs through Devore in March of 1979.

SP 8361 West climbed towards Dike in May of 1988.

SP 6800 West crossed Cajon Creek in May of 1988.

SP 7402 East crossed Cajon Creek in April of 1988.

The Southwest Limited crosses Cajon Creek into Devore on 11/27/1974.

UP 3454 West crossing Cajon Creek at sunrise in February of 1980.

Taken off the Interstate 15 embankment, the Southern Pacific Tank Train descends Cajon Pass with SP GP-60 9668 leading it's train into Devore in March of 1994.

Santa Fe 5431 passed UP 3210 East at the Kennebrook Crossovers in April of 1988.

Santa Fe 9536 West dropped down the pass near the Kennebrook Crossovers. 4/1988

UP's Super Van descending towards the Kennebrook Crossovers in December of 1984.

Santa Fe 5123 West ran on the Super Van's tail on that December of 1984 late afternoon.

UP 3210 East with a Chessie U Boat in it's consist in April of 1988.

Rio Grande 5317 leds an export coal train below Kennebrook on 5/31/1982.

Amtrak's Southwest Limited below Kennebrook in June of 1980.

SP 8355 East west of Blu Cut in February of 1982.

Cruising downgrade through Blu Cut in 1982 was the Santa Fe 5706 West.

SP 8508 West climbs above Blu Cut in July of 1984.

UP 8007 East heads east through Blu Cut. 2/1980

Santa Fe 3326 with two Chessie units climb through Blu Cut in October of 1979. Santa Fe leased power from the Chessie System in late 1979.

Union Pacific SD-45 48 led it's train through Blu Cut in March of 1982.

SP 5312 West climbs at Blu Cut crossing the San Andres Fault on May 14,1982.

SP 9345 descends above Blu Cut on November of 1980.

Santa Fe 3357 East climbs the grade at Blu Cut on 11/14/81.

Santa Fe GP-35 3372 heads upgrade through Blu Cut in January of 1976.

Santa Fe 3226 East comes through Blu Cut in March of 1979.

Santa Fe 3200 East comes through Blu Cut in May of 1980.

Santa Fe 3837 East climbs out of Blu Cut. March 1982

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