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Memories of Cajon Pass Part IV

by Chris Guenzler

We will pick up the action at Summit.

Santa Fe 7487 East heads through the deep cut at Summit on November 14, 1981.

A Southern Pacific Detour Train 9075 West heads through Summit. This time the wreck was near Indio. May 1984.

Santa Fe 3336 East crested Cajon Pass at Summit. 1/1979

The Union Pacific LAX ran though Summit on this morning with two MKT units in its consist. 4/1980

Union Pacific LAX with 3611 on the point hurried through Summit. 11/1980

Santa Fe 131 West passed a UP train waiting for it to clear. 1/1992

Union Pacific 9452 East roared through Summit. 1/1992

The Union Pacific LAX crosses the summit of Cajon Pass at Summit. 9/1981

Southern Pacific 7334 West flying white flags passes through Hiland in April of 1982.

SSW 9378 East passes through Hiland. 2/1982

Southern Pacific 6799 West neared the west switch at Hiland in April of 1988.

Santa Fe 3814 West climbs almost to Summit. June 1984

Union Pacific 3405 East starts down the east side of Cajon. 6/1984

Amtrak's Desert Wind 36 heads down the north side of Cajon Pass. 6/1984

Santa Fe 2937 West nears Summit. 6/1984

Santa Fe 5692 East descending at the Martinez Spur on November 11th, 1981.

Santa Fe 5349 worked hard towards Summit in June of 1984.

Union Pacific 44 East descends towards Lugo in March of 1980.

Union Pacific 3966 West climbing near the Martinez Spur in February of 1982.

Having crested Summit, the Union Pacific 8091 heads down the Summit Valley. 9/1981

Santa Fe 8777 East ran down the Summit Valley near Lugo. 9/1/1978

Santa Fe 5044 East and SF 5866 East stopped by red signals at Lugo in February of 1988.

Santa Fe 5318 drifted in Lugo. 2/1988

Lugo, a busy spot in February of 1988.

Union Pacific 3924 with the LAX in tow heads through Lugo on April of 1988.

Union Pacific 9383 West near Lugo in January of 1992.

Union Pacific 3784 West was about to enter the Summit Valley. 6/1985

Santa Fe 5098 West south of Hesperia on November 10, 1990.

Union Pacific 6199 East beyond Lugo on November 10, 1990.

BN 7923 West leaves Hesperia on November 10, 1990.

Union Pacific 3699 West climbs the east side of Cajon Pass near Hesperia. 2/1982

Amtrak 35 passed through Hesperia on November 10, 1990.

Union Pacific 3800 West climbs the the grade at Hesperia in May of 1986.

Santa Fe 5828 West passed through Hesperia in February of 1988.

Union Pacific 3279 West climbs into Hesperia. 2/1988

Santa Fe 5208 West starts upgrade at Frost. 6/1984

Union Pacific 3493 West climbed over the North Track at Frost in May of 1985.

Santa Fe 5011 West at Frost on November 10, 1990.

Freight action was heavy as the UP 9137 west made its appearance prior to the arrival of Union Pacific 8444. May 5, 1985

Union Pacific 4-8-4 8444 climbs the flyover on May 5, 1985.

Amtrak 35 passed under the Frost Flyover in May of 1985.

Santa Fe 2759 West crossed over an eastbound UP train in April of 1988.

Santa Fe 2777 West crossed the Flyover. May 1985

Santa Fe 2777 West passed over UP 3170 East. 5/1985

The rear end of Union Pacific 3170 East passed under Santa Fe 2777 West. 5/1985

Santa Fe 1558 West climbed the grade to the flyover in May of 1986.

A view from the Mojave Narrows Regional Park of Santa Fe 2807 West in April of 1986.

Santa Fe 5437 East coming under the South Track at Frost. 5/1985

Amtrak's 36, the Desert Wind flew through Frost in May of 1986.

Union Pacific 3661 East passed through Frost in October of 1982.

Santa Fe 2837 East rolled through Frost in June of 1984.

Santa Fe 5341 West at Victorville in May of 1985.

This brings an end to our tour of Cajon Pass.