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Top ten list of things to remember when riding the train My Tips for Train Travel

  1. Every Trip is an adventure !

  2. Always remain calm and have patience knowing that they will get you there in the end.

  3. Always try to board the train at it's point of origin so you can choose your seat and side.
    For example, I always board the Southwest Chief at Los Angeles instead of Fullerton for this reason.
    I always get my window seat on the right side of the train this way as I sleep better there for some reason.

  4. Bring your own pillow and blanket. I have found that I can sleep anywhere with my pillow and I use my
    souvenir Amtrak Blanket for warmth especially when the air conditioner is working too good.

  5. Eat at the first seating. I do this for several reasons. I like to watch the world go by when
    I'm eating and then I have time to enjoy the evening movie in the Parlor Car on the Coast starlight while other people is eating . Eating
    early ensures that they never run out of a menu item that you might like.

  6. I never check my luggage . I always walk off the train with what I brought and thus get to a taxi
    when needed. I heard too many horror stories of people checked bags being lost.

  7. Always bring your favorite music, Laptop with DVD's and game books to pass the time.

  8. Set all hotels in advance and have directions on how to get to them. Always tell them that you are arriving on a train to their city.

  9. Always give yourself plenty of time for connections.

  10. Remember, every trip is an adventure, so enjoy it all.