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My Train Trips 2016 through 2020

Listed below are the trips that Chris took between 2016 and 2020. The newest are on the top and the oldest are found below.


A Railroad Christmas 12/14/2020

The Trip Home from Niles Canyon 12/7/2020

Ride the Number 7 for the 1744 12/6/2020

To Niles Canyon 12/5/2020

The Trip Home from Milwaukee and the Soo Line 1003 Trip 11/16/2020

The Hop The Milwaukee Streetcar 11/16/2020

Trains Magazine 80th Anniversary Soo Line Freight Charter 11/15/2020

Two Days of Train Stations in Wisconsin plus other things 11/13-14/2020

National Railroad Museum, Green Bay Wisconsin 11/13/2020

The Trip East to Milwaukee Airport Plus More 11/10-13/2020

A Trip to Campo and other railroad surprises 10/24/2020

Coast Starlight and a Pacific Surfliner to Home 10/11-12/2020

Oregon Pacific Railroad Trip 10/10/2020

A Private Sumpter Valley Railway Photo Train 10/9/2020

Sumpter Valley Railway Trip 10/9/2020

Empire Builder Chicago to Portland 10/6/2020

Denver to Chicago and Roosevelt Road 10/5/2020

Alliance to Denver plus I finish up Denver Light Rail 10/4/2020

Black Hills Central Railroad Steam Double Header 10/3/2020

McCook to Grand Island to Alliance, Nebraska 10/2/2020

Denver to McCook, Nebraska 10/1/2020

Onward to Denver 9/29/2020

Off to Emeryville 9/28/2020

The Trip Home from the Skookum Trip

Sometimes Dreams Do Come True - A Ride Behind The Skookum 9/12/2020

BART Antioch to Berryessa 9/12/2020

Sonoma-Marin Area Rapid Transit SMART 9/11/2020

Through the Smoke As We Head to Sacramento 9/10/2020

Tioga Pass Trip from San Diego 9/6/2020

Santa Fe stations near the Sprinter 8/14/2020

Our Honeymoon Two Day Trip Home 7/18-19/2020

Our Honeymoon Nevada Northern Star Train 7/17/2020

Our Honeymoon Nevada Northern Robinson Canyon Steam Trip plus more 7/17/2020

Our Honeymoon Heber City via Evanston to Helper 7/16/2020

Our Honeymoon Heber City Railroad 7/16/2020

Our Honeymoon Laramie to Heber City 7/15/2020

Our Honeymoon North Platte Plus Other Things 7/14/2020

Our Honeymoon Black Hills Railroad 7/13/2020

Our Honeymoon Powder River Basin 7/12/2020

Our Honeymoon Denver to Douglas 7/11/2020

Our Honeymoon Georgetown Loop Railroad 7/10/2020

Our Honeymoon Colorado Rail Experiences 7/10/2020

Our Honeymoon Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad 7/9/2020

Our Honeymoon Dolores to Alamosa 7/8/2020

Our Honeymoon Winslow to Dolores 7/7/2020

Our Honeymoon Santa Ana to Winslow 7/6/2020

Chris Guenzler's Wedding 7/5/2020

My Bachelor Party Aboard The Train 7/3/2020

The Trip to Bring Elizabeth Home 4/18-21/2020

Coast Starlight with Covered Bridges 3/20/2020


Metrolink Holiday Express Train Laguna Niguel to Oceanside 12/1/2019

A Trip aboard the Pacific Trail to Albuquerque 10/18-19/2019

Getting my 1,600,000.0 Rail Miles 10/15/2019

Union Pacific 4014 Yermo to West Colton 10/14/2019

Union Pacific 4014 West Colton to Barstow 10/12/2019

Coast Starlight Detour Trip 9/14/2019

Santa Clara VTA Light Rail 7/20/2019

Southern Pacific Krauss-Maffei ML 4000 9010 Debut Runs 7/20/2019

The trip to Antioch to ride the BART Extension Service 7/19/2019

Milwaukee Road 261 to Winthrop 6/23/19

Milwaukee Road 261 to Glencoe and beyond 6/22/19

The day before the Milwaukee Road 261 Trip 6/21/19

PRS National Forum Trip to San Diego 6/15/2019

24 Hours of Saginaw, Texas 2019 5/27-25/2019

TEXRail Service Forth to DFW Airport and the Wichita Falls Railroad Museum and more 5/24/2019

Oklahoma Streetcar and Red River Railroad Museum 5/23/2019

Nevada Northern Keystone Trip and the trip home 5/12/2019

The Chase of the Nevada Northern Keystone Trip 5/11/2019

NRHS Heber Valley 0.2 mile Trip due to a derailment 5/11/2019

NRHS Promontory Summit Golden Spike Ceremonies 5/10/2019

The Frontrunner Commuter Train 5/9/2019

NRHS Union Pacific Nose to Nose Ceremony in Ogden 5/9/2019

Ogden Railroad Museum 5/8/2019

Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 and UP 844 in Echo Canyon 5/8/2019

Riding the Salt Lake City UTA Light Rail 5/5-8/2019

Solider Summit plus the Jordon Narrows 5/7/2019

Evanston Roundhouse and Solider Summit plus more 5/6/2019

Golden Spike National Historic Site and the Spiral Jetty 5/5/2019

The Lagoon Park Railroad 5/5/2019

The Heber Valley Railroad trip 5/4/2019

The Tooele Valley Railroad Museum and Bingham Canyon Coopper Mine Tour and more 5/2/2019

Nevada Southern Railroad Museum and Valley of Fire State Park 5/2/2019

Winterail 2019 Trip 3/13-18/2019

NRHS Discovery Visit for the 2020 Convention Fillmore & Western Railroad Trip 2/23/2019

Times are Changing Along the Surf Line


Coming home via the Capitol Limited and Southwest Chief 8/11/2018

The NRHS 2018 Everett Railroad Trip 8/11/2018

The NRHS 2018 Convention Potomac Eagle Trip 8/10/2018

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad 8/9/2018

The NRHS 2018 Convention Cass to Elkins 8/8/2018

Cass Railroad to Bald Knob 8/7/2018

Onward to Cumberland via Amtrak 8/6/2018

The Strasburg Railroad 8/5/2018

Pennsylvania Railroad Museum 8/5/2018

West Chester Railroad 8/5/2018

Newtown Square Railroad Museum and much more 8/5/2018

Baltimore Streetcar Museum 8/4/2018

B&O Railroad Museum 8/4/2018

National Capital Trolley Museum 8/4/2018

The Walkersville Southern Railroad 8/4/2018

Hagerstown Roundhouse and Hagerstown Railroad Park plus more 8/4/2018

New Jersey Museum of Transportation Pine Creek Railroad 8/3/2018

Princeton Jct New Jersey Railfanning 8/3/2018

Private Tour of Amtrak Wilmington Shops 8/2/2018

Amtrak 176 Roanoke to Wilmington 8/1/2018

Crewe Railroad Museum, Appomattax Court House and the return to Roanoke 8/1/2018

North Carolina Piedmont Train Service Raleigh to Charlotte and return 7/31/2018

Railfanning North Carolina 7/30/2018

North Carolina Transportation Museum 7/29/2018

Southeastern Narrow Gauge & Shortline Museum 7/29/2018

The Tweetsie Railroad Park 7/29/2018

Surprises, the Princeton Station and the stay at the Elkhorn Inn 7/28/2018

The Durbin Rocket 7/28/2018

C&O Heritage Museum Clifton Forge, VT 7/27/2018

O. Winston Link Winston Museum 7/27/2018

Virginia Transportation Museum 7/27/2018

Chris finishes riding the Amtrak System in Roanoke 7/26/2018

The Trip to Newark, New Jersey and on the way to the NRHS 2018 Convention 7/22/2018

13th Annual 24 Hours At Saginaw Railfan Event 5/25/2018

Finishing up DART, the Denton A-train plus the McKinney Streetcar line and the Dallas Streetcar 5/25/2018

Fox River Trolley Museum 5/19/2018

Homewood Railfan Viewing Platform 5/19/2018

Southern Railway 401 Steam Charter Monticello, Il 5/18/2018

Coast Starlight 11 Detour Trip 4/29/2018

Coast Starlight 14 Detour Trip 4/28/2018

Winterail 2018 3/17/2018

Entire San Diego Trolley System 2/19/2018

A Trip aboard the last Amtrak Great Dome 1/02/2018


A Trip to the new San Bernardino Downtown station 12/17/2017

First Coaster Positive Control Train 631 on the weekend 12/16/2017

Metrolink Special Los Angeles Rams Football Trains 11/26/2017

Metrolink Catch the Sparkle Special Train Service 11/23/2017

The Northstar Commuter Train Trip 10/01/2017

Milwaukee Road 261 Trip to Glencoe 10/01/2017

The 1.5 Million Mile Rail Trip 9/09/2017

The Irvine Park Railroad 8/08/2017

The Everett to Santa Ana Trip 7/31/2017

Fraser Valley Heritage Railway 7/30/2017

Great Northern and Cascade Railway 7/29/2017

Heading to Edmonds, Washington 7/26-28/2017

The Los Angeles Union Station Summer Trainfest 7/15/2017

The Bowling Green Depot and Railroad Park and trip home 6/25/2017

The Nashville Morning 6/25/2017

The NRHS Tennessee Central Railway Cookeville Trip 6/24/2017

The NRHS Andrew Jackson Hermitage Center and General Jackson Showboat 6/23/2017

The NRHS My Old Kentucky Dinner Train 6/22/2017

The NRHS Summerville Double-headed Steam Trip 6/21/2017

The Casey Jones Railroad Museum plus more 6/20/2017

The Trip to the Casey Jones Railroad Museum 6/20/2017

Music City Star Commuter Train Trip 6/19/2017

Lhoist Railroad Chase and Back to Nashville 6/19/2017

Big South Fork Scenic Railway 6/18/2017

A visit to the Norfolk Southern Rathole 6/18/2017

Southern Railway 154 Photo Charter 6/17/2017

Southern Railway 154 Night Photo Session 6/16/2017

To Nashville 2017 NRHS Convention and Day One of this trip 6/16/2017

Iowa Traction Railway, Hiawatha Light Rail System and the trip home 6/5/2017

End of the Line Railroad Park 6/4/2017

Milwaukee Road 261 Chase from Breckenridge to Wilmar 6/4/2017

Milwaukee Road 261 Breckenridge to Kindred 6/3/2017

Milwaukee Road 261 Davenport to Lisbon 6/2/2017

Lake Region Pioneer Threshers Association and Bonanzaville USA 6/2/2017

Western Minnesota Steam Threshers 6/02/2017

Getting to the Milwaukee Road 6/01/2017

Fullerton Railroad Days 2017 5/06/2017

Fillmore and Western Railroad Railfest 2017 4/30/2017

A Trip to San Bernardino 4/29/2017

The Railfan Magazine Friday Night Pizza Party and Winterail 2017 plus more 3/17/2017

The Pre-Winterail Albany and Eastern Excursion Train 3/17/2017

To Winterail 2017 3/16/2017

Another train trip to South Perris 2/20/2017

Metrolink Golden Dragon Parade Lunar New Year Celebration Special Train 2/04/2017

The Pacific Railroad Society Perris Express Trip 1/19/2017

The Coast Starlight trip home 1/09/2017

Seattle Link Light Rail Extension Trip 1/08/2017

Cascade Talgo trip to Vancouver, BC and Evergreen Extension of the Skytrain 1/07/2017

Sounder Trip Seattle to Lakewood 1/06/2017

Seattle's First Hill Streetcar Line 1/06/2017

Cascade Service Talgo 500 Portland to Seattle 1/06/2017

Coast Starlight Los Angeles to Portland 1/04/2017


My next encounter with Santa Fe 3751 12/17/2016

The Tioga Pass Private Car Trip Los Angeles to San Diego and return 12/11/2016

The Folsom Park steam train 11/12/2016

The Trip on the El Dorado & Western Shingle Springs to El Dorado 11/12/2016

The Trip to the El Dorado & Western 11/11/2016

The Travel Town visit and train ride. 10/16/2016

The Los Angeles Live Steamers train ride 10/16/2016

The Griffith Park & Southern Railroad Trip 10/16/2016

Goat Hill Railway Orange County Model Engineers train ride 10/15/2016

The Tom's Farm train rides 10/15/2016

The Santa Ana Zoo Train 10/11/2016

The Descansco Garden Enchanted Train Trip 10/08/2016

The El Dorado Express Trip 10/08/2016

Our Summer Trip 2016 8/9-14/2016

Trip Home Day 2 & 3 7/25-26/2016

Trip Home Day 1 7/24/2016

National Railway Historical Society Convention 2016 The Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad Trip 7/23/2016

A short chase of the Union Pacific 844 7/22/2016

The Pikes Peak Cog Railway 7/22/2016

National Railway Historical Society Convention 2016 Colorado Railroad Museum 7/21/2016

National Railway Historical Society Convention 2016 Georgetown Loop Chase Bus Trip 7/21/2016

National Railway Historical Society Convention 2016 Light Rail/Commuter Rail Tour 7/20/2016

National Railway Historical Society Convention 2016 Royal Gorge Scenic Railroad Lunch Train 7/19/2016

Garden of the Gods 7/18/2016

Cripple Creek & Victor Railway 7/18/2016

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad East to West 7/17/2016

Colorado Springs & Interurban Railway 7/16/2016

The Platte Valley Trolley 7/16/2016

The stay and railfanning at the Ponderosa Ranch 7/15/2016

The Black Hills Central Trip 7/14/2016

Powder River Basin Trip and Devils Tower 7/13/2016

Denver to Douglas and the Douglas Railroad Museum 7/12/2016

The Georgetown Loop Railroad 7/11/2016

The Tiny Town Railroad 7/11/2016

The Trip from the Terry Bison Ranch to Pueblo 7/10/2016

The Terry Bison Ranch Tour Train and stay 7/9/2016

Fort Collins Street Railway 7/9/2016

On to Cheyenne 7/8/2016

Cody Park and the Golden Spike Tower in North Platte 7/7/2016

The Forney Museum of Transportation and onto North Platte 7/7/2016

The Trip to Denver 7/6/2016

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Chase and Colorado Railroading 7/5/2016

The Durango & Silverton Railroad Trip 7/4/2016

Narrow Gauge Day 7/3/2016

Flagstaff to Farmington 7/02/2016

Home to Flagstaff 7/01/2016

2016 Nascar Race Train to Sears Point 6/26/2016

A First Day Trip on the new Metrolink Perris Valley Line 6/6/2016

Train Travel Meetup Group Expo and Gold Line Extension Trip 6/4/2016

Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation Pre-opening Expo Line Tour 5/12/2016

Fullerton Railroad Days 4/30/2016

The trip west to get home from the Norfolk and Western 611 Trip 4/11/2016

Norfolk and Western 611 The Blue Ridge Special 4/10/2016

Norfolk and Western 611 The Virginian Special 4/9/2016

Charlotte Lynx Light Rail System 4/8/2016

My First Live Encounter with N&W 611 moving 4/8/2016

North Carolina Transportation Museum 4/8/2016

The Trip East to get to N&W 611 Trips and my 1,450,000 Rail Mile plus the new Washington DC Streetcar 4/7/2016

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2016 Day 4 4/5/2016

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2016 Day 3 4/4/2016

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2016 Day 2 4/3/2016

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2016 Day 1 4/2/2016

Getting to the La Plata Spring 2016 Railfan Event 3/30/2016

Post Winterail 2016 Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad McCloud Railway 25 Steam Trip 3/20/2016

Winterail 2016 and the drive there 3/18/2016

Oregon Rail Heritage Center 3/18/2016

Going to the First Winterail in Corvallis, Oregon Trip & Finishing Up Tri Met Max 3/17/2016 to 3/18/2016

Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation Metro Rail Gold Line Extension and Shop Tours 2/27/2016