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My Train Trips 2011 through the Present

Listed below are the trips that Chris has taken since 2011 to the present. The newest are on the top and the oldest are found below.

Engines that have pulled my Excursion Trains through the years

Brand New
The Casey Jones Railroad Museum plus more 6/21/2017

Brand New
The Trip to the Casey Jones Railroad Museum 6/21/2017

Brand New
Music City Star Commuter Train Trip 6/20/2017

Brand New
Lhoist Railroad Chase and Back to Nashville 6/19/2017

Brand New
Big South Fork Scenic Railway 6/18/2017

Brand New
A visit to the Norfolk Southern Rathole 6/18/2017

Brand New
Southern Railway 154 Photo Charter 6/17/2017

Brand New
Southern Railway 154 Night Photo Session 6/16/2017

Brand New
To Nashville 2017 NRHS Convetion and Day One of this trip 6/16/2017

Iowa Traction Railway, Hiawatha Light Rail System and the trip home 6/5/2017

End of the Line Railroad Park 6/4/2017

Milwaukee Road 261 Chase from Breckenridge to Wilmar 6/4/2017

Brand New
Milwaukee Road 261 Breckenridge to Kindred 6/3/20177

Brand New
Milwaukee Road 261 Davenport to Lisbon 6/2/20177

Brand New
Lake Region Pioneer Treshers Association and Bonanzaville USA 6/2/2017

Brand New
Western Minnesota Steam Threshers 6/02/2017

Brand New
Getting to the Milwaukee Road 6/01/2017

Fullerton Railroad Days 2017 5/06/2017

Fillmore and Western Railroad Railfest 2017 4/30/2017

A Trip to San Bernardino 4/29/2017

The Railfan Magazine Friday Night Pizza Party and Winterail 2017 plus more 3/17/2017

The Pre-Winterail Albany and Eastern Excursion Train 3/17/2017

To Winterail 2017 3/16/2017

Another train trip to South Perris 2/20/2017

Metrolink Golden Dragon Parade Lunar New Year Celebration Special Train 2/04/2017

The Pacific Railroad Society Perris Express Trip 1/19/2017

The Coast Starlight trip home 1/09/2017

Seattle Link Light Rail Extension Trip 1/08/2017

Cascade Talgo trip to Vancouver, BC and Evergreen Extension of the Skytrain 1/07/2017

Sounder Trip Seattle to Lakewood 1/06/2017

Seattle's First Hill Streetcar Line 1/06/2017

Cascade Service Talgo 500 Portland to Seattle 1/06/2017

Coast Starlight Los Angeles to Portland 1/04/2017

My next encounter with Santa Fe 3751 12/17/2016

The Tioga Pass Private Car Trip Los Angeles to San Diego and return 12/11/2016

The Folsom Park steam train 11/12/2016

The Trip on the El Dorado & Western Shingle Springs to El Dorado 11/12/2016

The Trip to the El Dorado & Western 11/11/2016

The Travel Town visit and train ride. 10/16/2016

The Los Angeles Live Steamers train ride 10/16/2016

The Griffith Park & Southern Railroad Trip 10/16/2016

Goat Hill Railway Orange County Model Engineers train ride 10/15/2016

The Tom's Farm train rides 10/15/2016

The Santa Ana Zoo Train 10/11/2016

The Descansco Garden Enchanted Train Trip 10/08/2016

The El Dorado Express Trip 10/08/2016

Our Summer Trip 2016 8/9-14/2016

The NRHS Denver 2016 Convention Trip Home Day 2&3 7/25-26/2016

The NRHS Denver 2016 Convention Trip Home Day 1 7/24/2016

The 2016 NRHS Denver Convention The Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad Trip 7/23/2016

A short chase of the Union Pacific 844 7/22/2016

The Pikes Peak Cog Railway 7/22/2016

The NRHS 2016 Colorado Railroad Museum 7/21/2016

The NRHS 2016 Georgetown Loop Chase Bus Trip 7/21/2016

The NRHS 2016 Light Rail/Commuter Rail Tour 7/20/2016

The 2016 Royal Gorge Scenic Railroad Lunch Train 7/19/2016

Garden of the Gods 7/18/2016

Cripple Creek & Victor Railway 7/18/2016

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad East to West 7/17/2016

Colorado Springs & Interurban Railway 7/16/2016

The Platte Valley Trolley 7/16/2016

The stay and railfanning at the Ponderosa Ranch 7/15/2016

The Black Hills Central Trip 7/14/2016

The Powder River Basin Trip and Devils Tower 7/13/2016

Denver to Douglas and the Douglas Railroad Museum 7/12/2016

The Georgetown Loop Railroad 7/11/2016

The Tiny Town Railroad 7/11/2016

The Trip from the Terry Bison Ranch to Pueblo 7/10/2016

TheTerry Bison Ranch Tour Train and stay 7/9/2016

Fort Collins Street Railway 7/9/2016

On to Cheyenne 7/8/2016

Cody Park and the Golden Spike Tower in North Platte 7/7/2016

The Forney Museum of Transportation and onto North Platte 7/7/2016

The Trip to Denver 7/6/2016

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Chase and Colorado Railroading 7/5/2016

The Durango & Silverton Railroad Trip 7/4/2016

Going to the NRHS 2016 Denver Convention Day 3 Narrow Gauge Day 7/3/2016

NRHS 2016 Convention Day 2 Trip Flagstaff to Farmington 7/02/2016

NRHS 2016 Convention Day 1 Trip Home to Flagstaff 7/01/2016

2016 Nascar Race Train to Sears Point 6/26/2016

A First Day Trip on the new Metrolink Perris Valley Line 6/6/2016

Trainriders Group Expo and Gold Line Extension Trip 6/4/2016

Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation Pre-opening Expo Line Tour 5/12/2016

Fullerton Railroad Days 4/30/2016

The trip west to get home from the N&W 611 4/11/2016

N&W 611 The Blue Ridge Special 4/10/2016

Norfolk & Western 611 The Virginian 4/9/2016

Charlotte Lynx Light Rail System 4/8/2016

My First Live Encounter with N&W 611 moving 4/8/2016

North Carolina Transportation Museum 4/8/2016

The Trip East to get to N&W 611 Trips and my 1,450,000 Rail Mile plus the new Washington DC Streetcar 4/7/2016

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2016 Day 4 4/5/2016

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2016 Day 3 4/4/2016

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2016 Day 2 4/3/2016

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2016 Day 1 4/2/2016

Getting to the La Plata Spring 2016 Railfan Event 3/30/2016

Post Winterail 2016 Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad McCloud Railway 25 Steam Trip 3/20/2016

Winterail 2016 and the drive there 3/18/2016

Oregon Rail Heritage Center 3/18/2016

Going to the First Winterail in Corvallis, Oregon Trip & Finishing Up Tri Met Max

Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation Metro Rail Gold Line Extension and Shop Tours 2/27/2016

Train Rider's Group Oakland Circle Trip 2015 11/7/2015

My Summer Vacation 2015 8/12/2015

Passenger Trains and the Red Unit Circus Train 8/10/2015

The rides at the Hestton Steam Museum and Trip Home 7/26/2015

The Nickel Plate Road 765 Youngstown to Ashtabula Trip 7/25/2015

The Trip Home to the NKP 765 Trip in Ohio 7/21/2015

The Trip Home via the Southwest Chief, California Zephyr, San Joaquin and Pacific Surfliner 7/04/2015

Completing the Amtrak System once more 7/01/2015

The Norfolk Southern Railroad Museum in Norfolk, Virginia 6/29/2015

Riding The Tide Light Rail Line 6/30/2015

Amtraking from Albany to Norfolk via Newport News 6/29/2015

The Shelburne Trolley Museum 6/28/2015

A ride on the Vermonter for the missing miles 6/28/2015

The Connecticut Electric Railway Museum Trip and Visit 6/28/2015

The Railroad of New England Museum Visit 6/28/2015

Finishing up the Metro North Railroad 6/27/2015

The Shoreline Trolley Museum Trip and visit 6/27/2015

The Essex Steam Train Trip and visit 6/27/2015

The Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum Visit and Trip 6/27/2015

The CapeFlyer Trip 6/26/2015 6/26/2015

A day riding the Boston T Commuter Trains 6/26/2015

The National Streetcar Museum at Lowell Trip 6/25/2015

The Seashore Trolley Museum Trip 6/25/2015

The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum Trip 6/25/2015

The Downeaster Trip Brunswick to Portland 6/25/2015

The Cole Land Museum visit 6/24/2015

The Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad visit 6/24/2015

The Boothbay Railway Village Visit 6/24/2015

The Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railroad Trip 6/24/2015

The Silver Lake Railroad Trip 6/23/2015

The Conway Scenic Railroad Trip 6/23/2015

The Sandy River and Rangeley Lake Visit and Trip 6/22/2015

The Mt Washington Cog Railroad Trip 6/22/2015

The Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train 6/21/2015

A Trip on the White Mountain Central Railroad 6/21/2015

Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad Bike Week Service 6/21/2015

The Drive from Rutland, Vermont to Meredith, New Hampshire 6/21/2015

The NRHS Trip to Hoosic Junction 6/20/2015

The Trip to the Shelburne Muesum and Covered Bridges 6/19/2015

The NRHS Trips Rutland to Omya and return 6/19/2015

The NRHS 2015 Rutland to Burlington Trip 6/18/2015

The NRHS 2015 Rutland Railroad Museum and Northern Vermont Trip 6/17/2015

The NRHS 2015 Rutland to Bellow Falls and return 6/16/2015

The NRHS 2015 Rutland to North Creek and return 6/15/2015

The NRHS 2015 Rutland Convention Photo Freight and Southern Vermont Trip 6/14/2015

Two different trips on the Catskill Mountain Railroad 6/13/2015

A Trip on the Delaware & Ulster Railroad 6/13/2015

A visit to the Empire State Railway Museum 6/13/2015

Getting to the NRHS 2015 Convention and finishing up New Jersey Transit 6/12/2015

A Trip to new photo location at North Beach San Clemente 5/23/2015

Fullerton Railroad Days 2015 5/2/2015

Big Trees & Pacific Railway & Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Motor Car Trip 4/25/2015

La Plata and home from the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/9/2015

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2015 Final Day 4/8/2015

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2015 Day 3 4/7/2015

La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2015 Day 2 4/6/2015

La Plata Spring Railfan Event Day 1 4/5/2015

A sad trip to La Plata 4/1/2015

The Final Winterail Trip to Stockton

A Train Riders Trip to ride the San Diego Trolley 2/16/2015

A Train Riders Trip to San Luis Obispo 1/19/2015

A Trip to the Fullerton Train Travel Group Christmas Party 12/22/2014

A Trip to the new Artic Anaheim train station 12/6/2014

A trip on the Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad 11/30/2014

A trip to the Western Railroad Museum in Rio Vista, CA 11/29/2014

A trip to the Nevada City Narrow Gauge Museum 11/29/2014

My 1,400,000.0 Rail Mile Passed 11/03/2014

A Speeder Trip on the Amador Central Railroad 10/18/2014

A Private Car Acoma Trip to San Diego.

My Summer Vacation to Northern California The Complete Story

The Complete California Western Railroad with Steam, Skunk Motorcar and Diesel Train Trips

Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad Trip

The Big Trees and Pacific Railway Santa Cruz Beach Train Trip

A Train Trip to the Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus

A Tribute to Ray Burns a friend and founder of

Mooning of Amtrak & Metrolink Trains 7/12/2014

Riding the train to the NASCAR Race at Sears Point 6/22/2014

The Trip Home from the 2014 NRHS Convention

NRHS 2014 Convention Springdale to Monet Trip 6/14/2014

NRHS 2014 Convention Fort Smith Railroad History Tour, the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks and NRHS Banquet 6/13/2014

NRHS 2014 Convention Springdale to Fort Smith Trip 6/12/2014

NRHS 2014 Convention Ozark Rail & Water Tour:Silver Dollar City RR, Showboat Branson Belle and Eureka Springs & North Arkansas 6/11/14

NRHS 2014 Convention Arkansas & Missouri Springdale to Mountainburg Photo Freight 6/10/14

NRHS 2014 Convention Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Bentonville Branch Trip 6/10/14

Going to the NRHS 2014 Convention Day 4 with the Branson Scenic Railroad 6/9/14

Going to the NRHS 2014 Convention Day 3 6/8/14

Going to the NRHS 2014 Convention Day 2 6/7/14

Going to the NRHS 2014 Convention Day 1 6/6/14

National Train Day at LAUPT and Fullerton Railroad Days

Santa Fe 3751 San Bernardino to Los Angeles

The Post La Plata Spring 2014 Railfan Event and trip home

Day 4 of the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/9/2014

Day 3 of the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/8/2014

Day 2 of the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/7/2014

Day 1 of the La Plata Spring Railfan Event 4/6/2014

The St Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railroad Trip 4/5/2014

The Attalla Special and the Oneida Flyer Trips 3/29/2014

Winterail 2014 Trip 3/6/2014

A Trip on the Eastern Flyer 2/23/2014

A Trip to the 2014 Stadium Series at Dodger Stadium 1/25/2014

My Birthday Trip to the Trestles at County Line, CA 12/31/2013

The Annual Rail Travel Meetup Group Christmas Party Fullerton, CA 12/16/2013

2013 Troop Train and Railfanning San Diego County 12/8/2013

More encounters with Amtrak 42 The Veteran Unit 12/3/2013

Another Railfanning Trip in San Diego County 11/25/2013

My encounter with Amtrak Veteren Unit 42 plus a morning at San Clemente Pier

Trainriders trip to Santa Barbara

Nickel Plate 765 Fort Wayne to Lafayette Trip10/26/2013

NRHS 2013 Convention Alaska RR 557 Project and The Museum of Alaska Transportation and 9/22/2013

NRHS 2013 Convention Anchorage to Whittier & Spencer Excursion 9/21/2013

NRHS 2013 Convention Palmer Branch and Anchorage Terminal Tour Excursion 9/20/2013

NRHS 2013 Convention Anchorage to Seward Excursion 9/19/2013

NRHS 2013 Convention Alaska Railroad Shop Tour 9/18/2013

NRHS 2013 Convention Alaska Railroad Operations Center and Station Tour 9/18/2013

NRHS 2013 Convention Denali Park to Anchorage One Way Excursion 9/17/2013

NRHS 2013 Convention Alaska RR charter train one-way from Fairbanks to Denali Park 9/16/2013

The NRHS 2013 Convention North Pole Excursion and Fairbanks to Saulich Excursion Trips 9/15/2013

NRHS 2013 Convention Fairbanks Day 1 9/14/2013 Riverboat Discovery Tour, Pioneer Park and Tanana Valley Railroad Museum, Pioneer Park Salmon Bake and Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

Union Pacific 4014 and 9000 Night Photo Session at the Rail Giant Museum 8/17/2013

La Plata and the trip home 7/24/2013

To La Plata via West Quincy 7/23/2013

The Drive back to Chicago and the Monon Connection Museum 7/22/2013

Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association 7/21/2013

Steam into History aboard the Northern Central Railroad 7/21/2013

Black River & Western Railroad Caboose Hops Ringoes to Three Bridges 7/20/2013

Iron Heritage Festival Trips Danville, PA 7/20/2013

Wilmington & Western Railroad Trip 7/19/2013

The Trip back east to meet Dave Smetko 7/16/2013

A Trip to San Clemente State Beach 7/11/2013

The NASCAR Express 2013 Train Trip and Race 6/23/2013

A Photo Trip to San Diego County 6/14-15/2013

A Trip to San Diego aboard the Tioga Pass 6/02/2013

The Mendota Union Station, Amboy Depot Museum and Rochelle Railroad Park 5/17/2013

The National New York Central Museum and more! 5/16/2013

The Ohio Railway Museum, Marion Union Station, NW Ohio Railway Preservation Society and AuGlaize Village plus more 5/15/2013

The Ashtabula, Carson and Jefferson Rare Mileage Trip 5/14/2013

The Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road Old Dinner Train 5/13/2013

The Southern Michigan Railroad Historical Society Trip 5/13/2013

The Charlotte Southern Trip 5/13/2013

The Coopersville & Marne Railway Trip 5/12/2013

The North Judson Rare Mileage Trip 5/11/2013

The Trip to visit the Hesston Steam Museum 5/11/2013

The Trip to the IN-MI-OH Trips 5/10/2013

Fullerton Railroad Days 2013

Santa Fe 3751 chase and Ride & San Bernardino Railroad

Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad

Niles Canyon Railroad Winterail Special Photo Special

A Sad Trip to Winterail

A trip see the LA Kings Game at Staples Center 2/23/2012

A trip to San Clemente to see the first run of the Acoma Private Car 12/29/2012

Metrolink Holiday Toy Express at Irvine 12/15/2012

Train Riders Group and OCRHS Trip to ride trains in San Diego County 10/27/2012

Port of Long Beach Train Tour 10/20/2012

Metrolink's Carmageddon 2 weekend service Chatsworth to LAUPT 9/30/2012

The Trip to the Sacramento to see UP 844 and to take the long station walk 9/29/2012

The Trip to the Lomita Railroad Museum plus more 9/16/2012

The Trip on the Detour Trains on the Olive Subdivision 9/8/2012

The Poway-Midland Steam Train 9/2/2012

The Expo Line to Culver City 8/1/2012

Four Gauges of Railroading in one day again Featuring the Descanso, Alpine & Pacific Railway, Poway-Midland Railroad and the Smith Ranch & Julian Railroad and my first derailment 7/21/2012

The Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum in Campo, CA.

To La Plata, the trip home and my 1,350,000.0 Rail Mile.

The NRHS Special Train Cedar Rapids to Chicago 6/25/2012

The NRHS Special Train Cedar Falls to Manly 6/24/2012

The NRHS Special Train Cedar Rapids to Waterloo 6/23/2012

The Friday Drive and NRHS Banquet 6/22/2012

The NRHS Crandic Special Train Cedar Rapids to Iowa City 6/22/2012

The NRHS Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad Special Train 6/21/2012

The NRHS Cedar Rapids to Newton Special Train 6/20/2012

The NRHS Night Photo Session 6/19/2012

The NRHS Cedar Rapids to Rock Island Special Train 6/19/2012

The NRHS Midwest Old Threshers: Midwest Central Railroad & Midwest Electric Railway Trip 6/18/2012

The NRHS Trip Chicago to Cedar Rapids

The Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad

The Rockford Trolley Car 36

The East Troy Electric Railroad

The trip back to Chicago for the NRHS Convention

The Orange Empire Railway Museum 5/27/2012

The Santa Fe 3751 Chase 5/19/2012

The Santa Fe 3751 Chase 5/14/2012

My First Trip on the Expo Line 5/12/2012

National Train Day 2012 Los Angeles 5/12/2012

Fullerton Railroad Days 2012 5/5/2012

The Chase of Santa Fe 3751, San Bernardino Railroad Days 2012 and riding Santa Fe 3751 back to LAUPT

La Plata, LTT and the trip home

The Big Driving Circle

The La Plata Spring 2012 Railfan Event Day Four The Final Day

The La Plata Spring 2012 Railfan Event Day Three

The La Plata Spring 2012 Railfan Event Day Two

The La Plata Spring 2012 Railfan Event Day One

The Disney Hometown Museum

The Day before the La Plata Spring Railfan Event

My 2nd Trip on the Columbia Star Dinner Train

The Trip to the La Plata Spring Railfan Event

The PLA'S Winterail Photography Special 2012 Trip

The Winterail 2012 Trip

Fullerton Train Rider Group rides the Coast Starlight Detour Trip over the Tehachapi Loop

A trip on the Silver Splendor Dome Car to San Diego

A trip to the Needles sub and Kingman Canyon plus the Calico/Odessa Railway and more

A trip to see the San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park

The 40th Anniversary Amtrak Train and Santa Fe 3751 at Los Angeles

The 40th Anniversary Amtrak Train in San Diego

The Metrolink Thanksgiving Friday Weekend Pass Trip

The Metrolink 2011 Holiday Train Express at Tustin

The Silver Splendor Luncheon by the Sea Trip

The Trips I took while unemployed until my new job!

A morning at Buena Park and the Martina McBride Special Train

Operation Lifesaver Unit 457

A Trip on San Diego PCC Car 529

Amtrak Heritage 156 and some other things

Metrolink's New Bicycle Car

A Trip to Escondido to find a Santa Fe Station

The Drive back to La Plata and the Train Trip Home with Amtrak 184 on the point

Train Festival 2011 Day 4 The Final Day

Train Festival 2011 Day 3 The Celebration Belle Dinner Cruise 7/23/2011

Train Festival 2011 Day 3 The Iowa City Steam Trip

Train Festival 2011 Day 2 The Night Photo Session 7/22/2011

Train Festival 2011 Day 2 The Chase of Nickel Plate Road 765 7/22/2011

Train Festival 2011 Day 1 7/21/2011

The Railfanning Drive to Rock Island

Silver Rail Rail Fest Day 3 7/19/2011

Silver Rail Rail Fest Day 2 7/18/2011

Silver Rail Rail Fest Day 1 7/17/2011

The Columbia Star Dinner Train

Moberly Historic Railway Museum and Roshwell Park Magic City Line Miniature Train.

To La Plata and the Coal Mine Museum and Northeast Missouri Old Threshers Steam Engine

My Encounters with Amtrak 66

The Oregon Electric Railway Museum

The SP 4449 Tacoma to Portland Trip

The NRHS SP 4449 Stampede Pass Trip

The Burnaby Central Railway

The Fraser Valley Heritage Railway

The Trip Stevens Pass and Beyond

The NRHS Pacific Northwest Railway Museum

The NRHS SP 4449 Portland to Tacoma Trip

The Northern Pacific Railroad Museum

The Yakima Trolley

Washington State Railroads Historical Society Museum Collection 6/18/2011

The Sumpter Valley Railway

The Northern California 2011 Explorer

The Little Rock Express Kansas City to Jefferson City

First Revenue Metrolink Train to use Track 4 at Fullerton

The Adirondack Rare Mileage Trips

National Train Day Los Angeles 2011

Santa Fe 3751 to and from San Bernardino Railroad Days

Quiet Zone in Orange, California

Coast Starlight Detour over Altamont Pass and Tehachapi Loop

PRS 75 Year Excursion Tehachapi and Palmdale Cutoff Trip

My First Encounter with Amtrak 156

A visit to Travel Town in Los Angeles

Fillmore Railfest 2011

The Winterail 2011 Trip with UP 7400, The California Merci Car, the History Train and more

First Encounter with Amtrak 145 2/20/2011

First Run of the Pacific Surfliner Express 563 2/15/2011

Railway & Locomotive Society Southern California Fairplex Pomona Railroad Display 2/12/2011

Chris Guenzler Public Timetable Collection

Chris Guenzler Employee Timetable Collection

Chris Guenzler Coffee Mug Collection

Chris Guenzler T-Shirt Collection