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The Copper Cities Limited Clifton Branch 4/6/2009 Part 3

Sponsored by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

by Chris Guenzler

After passing through the last tunnel way across the canyon, mine housing could be seen.

The route continued to be interesting.

The US Highway 191 Bridge.

The train took yet another of the line's curves.

The bridge over Wards Canyon Road.

Entering the town of Clifton.

Passing through Clifton.

The Flood Gates to protect the town of Clifton.

The bridge across the San Francisco River.

The junction with the mine railroad.

Our train entered the Clifton Yard and pulled up to the Clifton Station where we all detrained.

The former Southern Pacific Clifton Station.

Our train at rest in front of the Clifton Station.

Another view of the Clifton Station.

The Cooper Head from the Coronado Mines.

Our train now is ready to run the engines around the train so I relocated to the other side of the station to be in position to cover that move.

Our engines then ran around the train and I was ready to board. I took my seat in the Calmut Club and then the train started moving forward. The train pulled past the switch with the mine railroad and then backed onto another track to clear out of the way. The mine train was waiting right outside my window so I retreated to the back door for some pictures.

The mine train took its train into the Clifton Yard then run around the train to head light back to the mine. Once it had cleared we pulled up past the switch then backed into the station where we picked up the rest of our group. The train then started back for Duncan.

The train after leaving Clifton. I used my 35 MM Camera to cover the trip through the tunnels and bridges on the way back.

The old and new US 191 Highway Bridges at Coronado. I relaxed all the way back to Duncan. I rode the Dome and visited with Bob Cox then returned to my seat in the Calmut Club and visited with others. Seemed all too soon we were back in Duncan and this great trip was over. Special thanks to Bart and Sarah Jennings for all of their hard work to make these trips happen.

We bid goodbye to our friends and the Arizona Eastern before we headed south down US 70 to Lordsburg then headed east on Interstate 10 to Deming with Dinner picked up at Burger King. We took New Mexico Highway 26 to Hatch then took Interstate 25 north to Albuquerque. We stopped for gas in Truth or Consequences which was called Hot Springs before changing its name after that popular television show of the 1960's. We reached Randy's and Marie's home at 1:00 AM and they blew up an air mattress and made a bed and I called it a night.


I got out of bed at 8:30 AM and took a nice shower before I checked E-mail. I had a bowl of Corn Flakes and some tea. Randy then drove me via Old Town to the station but we both wanted to make one stop on the way there which I spotted and Randy drove us right to it.

Santa Fe 2926 Restoration Project in Albuquerque.

Randy and I walked in and meet the crew who provided hard hats for our visit. They told us the goal of the project is to have the engine ready for the New Mexico 100th Birthday. It became a state on Jan. 6, 1912 so the Birthday Bash would be in 2012. It was taken out of Coronado Park in Albuquerque in 1999 and work on it has been going on ever since. They had completed the Tender and have recently finished a drop pit.

The brand new drop pit.

Santa Fe 2926 minus its cab.

The right side drivers.

The Santa Fe 2926 Tender is already to go.

The left side of Santa Fe 2926.

The Cab of Santa Fe 2926.

Left side drivers.

Super heater tubes.

The Cab end of the Santa Fe 2926.

The Santa Fe 2926 Cow Catcher. Randy and I thanked them for showing us the Santa Fe 2926 and we wished them luck with their project.

This car has been sold to help raise funds for the engine. If any of you want to help pay to restore this beautiful engine go to their web site at for more information.

After that last picture, Randy drove me to the Albuquerque Amtrak Station where the Southwest Chief had gotten in at 11:08 AM.

Southwest Chief 4 4/7/2009

Randy helped me to Room 3 of 32028 with Pinkey as my Sleeping Car Attendant. The train had Engines 94 and 185, Baggage 1160, Transition 39011, Sleepers 32028 and 32099 New Mexico, Diner 37001 (Diner Lite), Lounge 33014 with Coaches 34027, 34008 and 34084. I started working on the stories. We left Albuquerque on time and I put on Jethro Tull "Catfish Rising". At 1:45 PM I had an Angus Beef Burger and Vanilla Ice Cream. Back to work it was Aerosmith "Permanent Vacation" then Yes "Open Your Eyes". I took fresh air at Raton then had Diner going down Raton Pass having the Flat Iron Steak and Vanilla Ice Cream. It was Alce Cooper "I'm the Spider" as the train made its way to La Junta with me still writing. I took fresh air at La Junta then made up my bed and called it a night.


I woke up at the fuel racks in Argentine Yard and had a breakfast of French Toast and sausage patties. I took some fresh air at Kansas City before I started working again. The train left Kansas City on time and headed to La Plata where I would detrain this beautiful morning. The train pulled into La Plata early and I was then taken to the Depot Inn & Suites but not to stay. At 10:10 AM Enterprise from Kirksville picked me up and I soon had a Toyota Corolla which I drove back to La Plata and picked up my luggage from the Lobby of the Depot Inn & Suites. I then drove out to the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point where I got on the Internet and uploaded the stories from my last two trips.

One westbound BNSF freight passed by while I was uploading pictures. Once that was done I headed out to Casey's to gas up the car before hitting the road.

On the Road To Branson 4/7/2009

I headed south down US 63 with my first stop at Moberly where I found a few interesting things.

A Wabash Caboose on display.

The former Wabash Station in Moberly.

A Norfolk Southern freight waiting to leave Moberly. I then drove back out to US 63 which I took to US 54 just across the Missouri River from Jefferson City, the Missouri State Capitol. US 54 took me through Lake Ozark to Camdenton where I turned south on Missouri 5 to Lebanon where I took Interstate 44 to Springfield. I checked into the Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven where they gave me directions to Grant Beach Park where the things in Springfield I wanted to see were.

Railroad Historical Museum 4/7/2009

Frisco 4-8-4 4524.

Burlington Railway Express Agency 97100.

Chicago and North Western Bi-Level 2.

Burlington Northern Caboose 10768. I went to KFC then back to the Best Western for the night.


After a Continental Breakfast I drove south on US Highway 65 down to Branson for my trip on the Branson Scenic Railroad but alas that will be another story.