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Powder River Basin Trip II 6/1992

and around Cheyenne before!

by Chris Guenzler

Having driven to Cheyenne due to a railroad strike, I met Bill and we hoped the strike would be over soon. The strike was settled late on the 25th of June and we expected a flood of trains the next day and we were not disappointed. We pick up the action on June 26, 1992.

Here is BN 7272 West crossing over the Union Pacific Mainline on the Colorado and Southern Bridge. The train has a fuel tender in its consist.

Many train passed us here with the Union Pacific 3572 East being an example of one.

The weather turned for the worst but we stuck with it as the Union Pacific 3420 West heads out of town.

6/27/1992 The next morning before our Union Pacific 3985 Excursion to Laramie, we ventured out to Archer Hill for many more trains. Here are just a few examples.

First we had the Union Pacific 9394 East.

He was followed by the UP 6106 East.

A westbound train, the UP 9322 West started down Archer Hill. After a few more trains, we headed back to Cheyenne to catch the UP 3985 Excursion to Laramie.

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The next day we rode the Wyoming & Colorado Excursion Train

After that trip, we drove north to Guernsey State Park for the night.

After a good night's sleep, we headed east and at Lingle, Wyoming we caught the BN 8109 West.

One purpose of this trip was to see what Project Yellow which allowed the CNW access to the Powder River Basin. We drove first to South Morrill, Nebraska then back to the US Highway 26 Overpass catching our first CNW train of the trip, the CNW 8552 East. From here, we followed the newly constructed CNW Line north.

Near Braun, Wyoming we photographed CNW 8573 West.

A little further, we found the CNW 8557 East.

Making our way to Wolfe, we caught the CNW 8559 East on film.

At Myles, we first shot the CNW GP-9 4552 set out.

Next, the CNW 8552 came rolling though Myles.

We made our way to Shawnee Jct catching the CNW 8559 West. After a few more trains, we made our way to Douglas for the night.

6/30/1992 The next morning found us at East Walker with the BN 5065 West.

CNW 8515 East was our next train.

After a few trains, we moved to West Walker for the CNW 8553 East plus others.

Later, we went to East Bill for the CNW 8542 East.

Minutes later, the CNW 8569 East showed up.

Down the road to West Bill, nabbed us BN 5568 West.

Over to East Bill produced the BN 5521 East.

This train had a caboose on it.

Next came the BN 5521 East.

After a visit to a store in Bill, we caught the CNW 8574 East.

At CNW Jct, we caught the CNW 8563 East.

Next came the CNW 8560 East.

Further north at Nacco Jct, we found the BN 5083 East.

He had a caboose with a glimpse of one of the basin's coal mines.

At East Reno, we came across the CNW 8569 East. From here we started toward Gillette but at Coal Creek Jct we got stuck in the mud. After not being able to get out, we made the choice to walk towards the Coal Creek Mine. No one was there but later a guard came and let us spend the night in the office.

7/1/1992 The next morning members of the skeleton mine crew pulled us out of the muck. From there we went to the Black Thunder Mine to take a tour.

Here is the entrance to the Black Thunder Mine.

A view of the coal seam that under lays the area.

The giant haulers used to bring the coal from the mine to the silos.

After the tour, we found the CNW 8577 East right outside the mine.

CNW 8577, a C-40-8, has a Wyoming Centennial Banner painted on it.

Out at Reno, the BN 9037 West showed up.

CNW 8535 East was holding the main at Reno Jct.

Up at Antelope, The CNW 8552 East came through.

At Donkey Creek, we caught the BN 9027 East. After a few more trains, we headed to Gillette for a shower and hotel beds for the night.

7/2/1992 The next morning well rested, we found the BN 5802, a U-30-C on display east of Gillette.

We drove into the Black Hills in South Dakota to Mount Rushmore.

After passing all the tourist traps, we made our way to Rapid City catching the CNW GP-9 4560.

Heading towards Crawford, we caught the BN 6822 West at Rumford, South Dakota.

Heading to Crawford Hill, at Breezy Point we found the BN 7154 West.

He was followed by the BN 9261 with a KCS unit in its consist.

Here is the KCS SD-60 754.

He was followed by the BN 5581 West.

Next came the BN 5003 East.

Down at the bottom of the horseshoe, we caught the BN 5532 West.

Back up at Belmont, we found the BN 5535 West.

Heading towards Crawford we caught the BN 7926 East.

Later we went to Fort Robinson State Park to camp for the night. The tracks are the old CNW line to Douglas and beyond.

7/3/1992 The next morning we headed for Alliance, catching the BN 6822 East at Hemigford, Nebraska.

At West Alliance we found the BN 7910 West.

A while later, at East Alliance, here came the BN 6822 East.

For a change of pace, we went north finding Carhenge.

Heading back to Cheyenne, at Northport we caught the CNW 8017 West.

Following the BN towards Sidney, we found the BN 5011 East.

Back in Cheyenne, we found the Union Pacific 6026 West. After this train, Bill and I split up with me heading to Laramie in my Geo Metro to the Motel 6 there for the night.

7/4/1992 I headed home the next day.

At Nephi, Utah I caught the Union Pacific 9251 West.

Further along at Juah, I caught the same train again. I went to St George for the night then drove across the desert early in the morning to home.