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Railfair 1991 Sacramento 5/11/1991

by Chris Guenzler

A couple of weeks after that double headed trip behind the Union Pacific 884/3985, I drove up to Sacramento rail fanning along the way. Jeff went along with me and we stayed at my brother Bruce's house in South Sacramento. On 5/11 Jeff and I drove into Sacramento for our big day at Railfair 1991.

Railfair 1991

We first stopped along the Riverfront south of Old Sacramento where the UP 0-6-0 4466, SP 0-6-0 1233, UP DD-40AX 6936 and the Wisconsin Southern Business Train was located.

On a flat car also here was the UP 4-6-0 1243. After getting plenty of pictures we parked in a parking structure and waited for the Railfair 1991 grounds to open. Once they did we started our exploration of grounds.

One of the first engines I shot was the GM FT A&B 103A and 103B, painted in GM demonstration colors.

Over on a narrow gauge section of track in front of the Central Pacific Depot was the Eureka and Palisade 4-4-0 4 under steam. Following a look around the grounds, we found our seats in the stand for the Pageant. They told the story of railroading in America on a stage with music, actors and of course some locomotives.

The program started and our first engine was a replica of the Baltimore and Ohio 2-2-0 Tom Thumb.

That was then followed by the B&O's Lafayette, a 4-2-0 13.

Moving into the late 1800's in the story, here came the Virginia and Truckee 4-4-0 22 complete with an Indian on a horse leading the engine into the show.

Now into the 20th Century, the Southern Pacific 4-6-2 2472 came into the show.

Once the 2472 had backed out, the Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 3985 took it's turn.

The Union Pacific 3985 held its ground as from the other way the Southern Pacific 4-8-4 4449 entered the show. Then the Union Pacific 3985 and Southern Pacific 4449 pilots came together to recognize the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad on May 10th, 1869. It was a real well done pageant put on by the California RailroadMuseum.

The rest of the day was looking at all of the engines and exhibits at Railfair 1991.

An old friend of my travels was from the Forest Museum of British Colombia was here that being the Hillcrest Lumber Climax 9.

A newly restored engine was out on the museum's turntable that was the Imperial Irrigation District 0-4-0T 151.

One of my all time favorite engines Union Pacific's 4-8-4 844 was sitting along the river wall

From England there was the Knowles Company's Gwen, an 0-4-0T.

Another engine from England was the Great Northern Railway's 0-6-0 1247.

After having shot all the other engines which I did not show, we stopped by the riverbank again for another shot of the Wisconsin Southern Business Train with the WS 10-C on the point. Well that completed Jeff's and my day at Railfair 1991.