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Railfair 1999 Sacramento, California 6/21/99

by Chris Guenzler

In between NRHS 1999 Convention trips I spent a whole day at Railfair 1999. I went to work with my brother Bruce, the Amtrak agent and headed over to Old Sacramento for some breakfast to start my day. I walked down along the river to the farthest south exhibits finding the Union Pacific E9-A on the point of a short passenger train on the Interstate 5 highway bridge.

The Union Pacific 4466 was sitting off to the side as was the SP 1269. The Southern Pacific E9-A 6051 was on the point of an all Daylight painted passenger train.

The day was already starting to get hot as I made my way over to the I Street Bridge to watch a Capitol Train leave for the Bay Area. I was at the main gate before the mob arrived and was let in early to do some photography minus the bodies of humanity. I started with a shot of the Southern Pacific 4-8-4 4449.

That was followed by a view of the Union Pacific 4-8-4 844.

Next was the Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 3985.

The next engine I shot was the Sierra Railway 2-8-0 28.

A new locomotive for me was next that being the Kiso Forest Railway 0-4-2T 6.

I shot pictures of all the other engines on the grounds before the heat really intensified. Knowing we needed a Delta Breeze to cool us off I decided to go in search of one. I walked over to Amtrak and out of the ticketing machine I purchased a round trip to a much cooler and breezier Martinez, California where I shot a picture of Amtrak 727.

After cooling off nicely, I enjoyed the train ride back to Sacramento finding the Railfair grounds almost empty as people had fled the heat. I walked over to the UP track where it crosses the museum's entrance tracks finding the John Molsom 2-2-2 locomotive steaming alone.

With the changing sun angles other locomotives were lit better. Operating back and forth by the entrance was the Hollandsche Ijzeren Spoorweg-Mootschappij De Arend.

The next loco shot was the Passumpsic Railroad Heisler.

Later after I walked through the museum, I returned outside finding the Feromex 3704 in perfect light.

The Western Pacific GP-20 2001 was next to be caught on film.

The Black Widow painted Southern Pacific GP-9 5623

The newly restored Southern Pacific 4-6-2 2467 was then photographed.

One of the most fascinating locomotives is the Bear Harbor 1, the Gypsy.

The John Bull replica then steamed by me allowing for a great picture of it.

Walking down along the museum's mainline took me down to the Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 making it's first trip to a Railfair.

While these are just a few of the locomotives that were present, I think this gives you a good idea of what Railfair 1999 was like if you did not get a chance to attend in person.