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The early years of the Santa Fe

by Chris Guenzler

We will take a trip back in time to view my early years of the Santa Fe.

The first time I went to Summit, I caught the Santa Fe 5923 East at Summit. 1972

Santa Fe 300C was caught at Redondo Jct in 1972.

Santa Fe H-12-44TS 543 at the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento during November of 1986.

Santa Fe SSB-1200 1227 was pictured in Bakersfield in 1975.

S-4 1535 was photographed in Bakersfield in 1975.

Santa Fe HH-1000 2321 was seen at Redondo Jct in 1972.

Santa Fe GP-35 2350 climbing out of Cajon Jct in 1977.

Santa Fe 2394, a RS-1 was seen at San Bernardino in 1976.

Santa Fe NW-2 2441 was seen at Hobart on a Boy Scout 50 mile bicycle trip for the Cycling Merit Badge.

Santa Fe CF-7 2492 was seen at the Bakersfield Roundhouse in 1976.

Santa CF-7 2509 was caught in my home town of Santa Ana in 1976.

Santa Fe GP-20 3132 was seen on a San Bernardino Shop Tour in 1976.

Santa Fe 3201 rolls through Summit in 1972.

Santa Fe GP-30 3270 leading it's train east through Colton in 1975.

Santa Fe GP-35 3332 climbing the grade out of Cajon Jct. 1977

SD-39 4010 rests in Albuequerque in August of 1983.

Santa Fe SD-24 4554 was seen in Bakersfield in 1974.

SD-26 4634 was at the San Bernardino Shops in 1976.

Santa Fe SD-26 4654, the same SD-24 from two pictures above, was caught descending Cajon Pass at Cajon on 12/31/1975.

The same day we found the SD-40 5015 at Cajon siding.

Santa Fe SD-45-2 5698 climbing the old grade to Sullivan Curve in 1974.

Back to 1972, the Santa Fe 5500 is taking the 10 degree curve into Summit.

This shot is of the Santa Fe 5702 at Blu Cut in late 1975.

Santa Fe SD-45-2 5704 was seen rolling through San Bernardino in 1976.

Santa Fe F-45 5934 leads Amtrak's Super Chief through Devore in 1972.

Santa Fe FP-45 5944 seen at Barstow in 1972.

Santa Fe U-23-B 6345 starting its trip up the Joint Line at Bragdon in 1973.

Santa Fe U-33-C 8522 made a rare appearance to San Bernardino in March of 1982.

Santa Fe U-36-C 8760 leads a trio of that model through Cajon Jct in 1977.

Santa Fe RSD-15 9838 was in the dead line at San Bernardino in 1973.

During a San Bernardino Shop Tour, I caught the F-45 5933, SD-40 5044 and SD-26 4634. 1974

A scene that can never be repeated, the inside of the San Bernardino Shops. 1974

Another timeless shot of the Bakersfield turntable from 1976.

With a passing caboose, I return you to the present.