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Union Pacific 8444 and Southern Pacific 4449 to Los Angeles 5/5-5/8/1989

plus the Sacramento Jazz Trains with the 4449

by Chris Guenzler

For the 50th Anniversary of Los Angeles Union Station both the Southern Pacific 4449 and the Union Pacific 8444 were invited to participate in the celebration. The schedule of events and movements of these engines were in Flimsies and updated on the Flimsies Hotline. The highlight of the engine's journeys would be a the side by side running into Union Station on 5th and the side by side trek up Cajon Pass on the 8th. Bill decided to join me with Jeff joining me on the Southern Pacific 4449 journey to West Colton late in the afternoon of the 7th.

Bill picked me up early on 5th and we drove straight to the hill overlooking the flyover at Frost.

Freight action was heavy as the Union Pacific 9137 west made its appearance. After a Santa Fe freight and a Union Pacific Helper set drifted back to Victorville, off in the distance coming through Victorville the large group on the hill starting seeing smoke. Once the train had cleared the Upper Mojave Narrows, the Union Pacific 8444 and train came into view. It was a beautiful sight to watch the train as it started up the flyover. Cameras were clicking off pictures all around me as I was doing the same thing.

Here is the main picture from Frost. Once the train had passed Bill and I were off back to Interstate 15 south to Cajon Pass where we went to Blu Cut to set up for the next picture.

A few more eastbounds run through before the UP 8444 drifted down through Blu Cut. Once the train had passed, we took our time letting all the chasers clear out before we took Interstate 15 south to CA 60 heading east to Van Buren east. We followed the Union Pacific east to Limonite taking it to Peralta south to Riverview. This took us to the northeast side of the arch bridge of the Santa Ana River. Since the Union Pacific 8444 was being watered in San Bernardino, we had plenty of time to get here on what now was a very overcast day. About 25 minutes late we started to hear whistles telling us the Union Pacific 8444 was coming.

Sure enough it came across the bridge now carrying both the USA and California State Flags. We returned to the CA 60 west and high balled for Industry where we jumped off the Freeway at Nogales Street heading north to a left after crossing the track to Railroad Street. A look to the rear saw the Union Pacific 8444 closing in so we pulled over and set up for a quick picture.

The Union Pacific 8444 blew by us at track speed and we headed back to CA 60 taking it into Los Angeles making our way to the LA County Jail Parking Lot which overlooks the leads to Union Station. We made our way to the tracks and after a San Diegan Train pulled into Union Station, the scene was set for the historic side by side entrance of the Southern Pacific 4449 and Union Pacific 8444.

It was a wonderful moment when these two great engines came into LAUPT this late morning. After such a great morning a chasing Bill and I headed home.

5/06/1989 Jeff and I took San Diegan 573 up to Los Angeles Union Station for the festival.

We arrived and immediately went to where the three historic diesels where lined up in a recreation of a very famous pose from years gone by. After a look around at all the exhibits, we returned to Santa Ana on San Diegan 574.

Southern Pacific 4449 east to West Colton 5/07/1989

The Southern Pacific 4449 was going to leave LAUPT at 5:00 PM to put itself out in West Colton for tomorrow's side by side run up Cajon Pass with Union Pacific 8444. With the line running mainly west to east, Jeff and I needed to find a location with good lighting. I choose a spot in El Monte which in a few years would be the El Monte Metrolink Station location. About 5:20 off on the flyover to get off the San Bernardino came the Southern Pacific 4449 silhouetted against the late afternoon sun. It was an impressive view.

A minute later the Southern Pacific 4449 came running by our location. Jeff and I was then off to get just another view which we received at Humane way in Pomona. We then returned home as I prepared for tomorrow's big day.

Side by Side up Cajon was the plan 5/08/1989

Bill picked me up and we were off to Martha Mclean Anza Narrows which is on the east side of the Union Pacific arch bridge over the Santa Ana River.

We waited patiently and when the Union Pacific 8444 steamed over the bridge we were rewarded with this picture. From there, we drove into Cajon Pass to one of my favorite locations between the tunnels and Summit. After a few freight trains, below us in the canyon we could hear the chugging of two distinct steam engines. After hearing some whistling off in the distance and seeing the helicopters, the stage was set.

The Union Pacific 8444 steamed into view but no Southern Pacific 4449.

The Union Pacific 8444 and train stormed by and as the rear of the Union Pacific 8444 was passing, the Southern Pacific 4449 came into view but moving very slowly.

It then came to a stop right in front of us pouring out great amounts of smoke. The Southern Pacific 4449 hot bearing sensor had gone off and the crew not wanting to take any chances with the Southern Pacific 4449 made the choice of checking the engine which was the correct thing to do and end the side by side.

I walked over for a static shot of the Southern Pacific 4449.

Bill and I drove up to the High Desert for one last shot of the Southern Pacific 4449 before it ducked under Interstate 15. Bill and I drove back to home after a rewarding long weekend with both the Union Pacific 8444 and Southern Pacific 4449.

Sacramento Jazz Trains 5/27-5/29/1989

The Southern Pacific 4449 went up to the Bay Area and was scheduled to pull round trips from Oakland to Sacramento during the Sacramento Jazz Festival. With my brother Bruce living up in Davis it made perfect sense for a visit to see him. I drove up on Friday to be in position for Saturday's run.

5/27/1989 I drove down to the levee over the Yolo Bypass, parked and walked down into the Bypass to wait for the Southern Pacific 4449 to head towards Sacramento.

The Southern Pacific 4449 crossed the Yolo Bypass.

I next went over to Old Sac catching the Southern Pacific 4449 sitting in front of the train station after the train had been wyed.

I returned to Davis for the rest of the afternoon before returning to the SP tracks for the Southern Pacific 4449 return to Oakland.

5/28/1989 The next morning, I went down to just east of the Davis Depot for the Southern Pacific 4449 east passage through town.

Southern Pacific 4449 went east through Davis.

Later that afternoon I went out to the Levee, to shoot the Southern Pacific 4449 west crossing the Yolo Bypass.

5/29/1989 The next morning, my brother the Amtrak agent let me up on the roof of the Davis Depot for the northbound passage of the Southern Pacific 4449 heading up the West Valley Line on its way back to Portland.

Southern Pacific 4449 heads north for Portland. I then headed home to Santa Ana finishing a great three day Memorial Day Weekend with the Southern Pacific 4449.