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The early Union Pacific years.

by Chris Guenzler

Let's go back in time to the early days of my photography of the Union Pacific. Here we see the DD-40AX's 6906 and 6936 passing Colton Tower westbound.

The smallest of all Union Pacific units was the 44 Toner 903999 seen coming west through Summit in 1972.

In the dead line at Cheyenne during a national railroad strike in 1971 was GE GTEL 8500 hp number 18, waiting its future placement years later in a railroad museum.

A trio of DD-35's with the 73A leading the 74B and 94B across Cajon Creek towards Sullivan Curve in 1977.

UP DD-35A 79A led DD-35B's 85B and 73B up the grade up Cajon Jct.

UP 83 leads the LVE through Walnut in 1977 on a bike trip from Santa Ana.

UP 72 leads all B units though Riverside Jct in 1976.

UP GP-9 180 lead a local out of Pocatello in August of 1980.

UP GP-9 314 leading a freight out of Spokane in 1972.

UP GP-9B 142B is between assignments at Spokane in 1972.

UP GP-9 318 switching at Long Beach back in 1972.

UP SD-24 402 by the East LA Hump on that 50 mile bicycle trip for my Boy Scout Cycling Merit Badge.

UP SD-24 411 heading east through Colton in 1975.

SD-24B 402B coming onto the joint Santa Fe trackage at Riverside Jct in 1976.

UP High Nose SD-24 448 switches the through cars off the Desert Wind at Ogden Union Station in April of 1980.

UP SD-7 454 resting near the hump at Pocatello in August of 1980.

UP GP-20 484 heading around Sullivan Curve in 1974.

UP GP-30B 715B sits between assignments at Colton in 1976.

UP GP-30B 729B waited for departure from Pocatello in August of 1980.

UP GP-35 761 drifts down Cajon Pass at Cajon in 1974.

UP E-9A 954 sits in Spokane in 1972.

UP 960 and 928 led a special train at San Bernardino on a rainy morning in 1977.

UP NW-2 1051 at East LA Yard in 1972.

UP SDP-35 1405 pays a rare visit to San Bernardino in April of 1979.

UP TR5A&B 1871A and 1871B switches the yard in Pocatello in August of 1981 during a heavy thunderstorm.

GP-38-2 2015 rests in Yakima in 1982.

U-30-C 2815 passed through Colton with its eastbound train in 1975.

UP SD-40 3015 leads two Missouri Pacific SD-40-2's westbound through Streetor in 1979.

UP 3138 led a Director's Train east into Summit in 1983.

UP SD-45 3647 heads west through Cajon Station.

UP 3643 leads the eastbound Coaliner from Kaiser Steel in Fontana back to Utah at San Bernardino in 1976.

UP SD-45 3645 goes through the cut in Sullivan's Curve as work starts on the realignment of the tracks through the curve in 1975.

Just after sunrise, U-50-C 5021 descends Blu Cut in Cajon Pass.

Up U-50-C 5035 arrives at East LA Yard in 1974.

UP DD-40AX 6914 leads its train west through Cajon.

UP 6940 East is climbing through Alray in 1979.

A solid set of UP GP-40X's led by 9005 passes though Cajon in October of 1979.

With the passing of this caboose in 1977 we end our trip back in time.