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Arcade & Attica Railroad May 19, 2010 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The back up move for the Photo Runby.

The Photo Runby. We all reboarded the train.

More New York Scenery.

Views looking back.

Down at the end of the road!

The Crossing.

A curve on our route.

Views from the train.

Another curve we passed through.

Cattaraugus Creek.

Another curve.

View from the train.

Views looking back.

A hill with a forest on it.

Views looking back.

View looking ahead.

Looking back down the straight track.

View ahead.

Views looking back.

A farm along our route to Curriers.

One more view as we neared Curriers.

One more farm before we pulled into Curriers.

The train pulled into Curriers. Here the engine would run around the train. There is a railroad display at Curriers.

Arcade & Attica 0-4-0 22 "I think I Can!"

A Box Car

Coach 72.

Our train in Curriers.

Coach 72.

View from Curriers Station.

The Arcade & Attica 111 runs around the train via the siding on the other side of the Curriers Station.

The Arcade & Attica 111 crosses the road at Curriers.

Our train sitting at the Curriers Station. We all reboarded for the trip back to Arcade. It was a quick trip and it was announced we would do a photo runby at the Cattaraugus Creek Bridge. Since the car was parked there, Randy and I would leave there after the Photo Runby and not reboard for a one block trip back to the Arcade Station.

Two Arcade & Attica 44 toners in the view before I set up for the Photo Runby. I picked a spot down along Cattaraugus Creek.

The back up move. I moved closer to the waters of Cattaraugus Creek.

The last Photo Runby of the Arcade & Attica Trip. It was a fantastic trip aboard the Arcade & Attica Railroad. I met Randy and we then departed Arcade for points west.

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