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AAPRCO Excursion to San Diego and on to San Pedro 9/21/2008 Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

After cresting Miramar Hill at CP Cumbres, the Santa Fe 3751 rolled down the grade of Rose Canyon.

Views of the Santa Fe 3751 in Rose Canyon.

The Santa Fe 3751 rolled into CP Elvira.

Our train running through CP Elvira.

The Santa Fe 3751 rolled down the grade into San Diego.

The Santa Fe 3751 running along Moreno Blvd in northern San Diego.

The Santa Fe 3751 crossed the San Diego River.

A few minutes later, the Santa Fe 3751 reached the first of today's destinations of Old Town. As we detrained we were told to be back in 4 hours. Tom Anderson meet Chris Parker and I and we tried to get to the front of the train but had no luck. We decided to go to the San Diego River Bridge and wait for the Santa Fe 3751 to back across the bridge with the train.

Surfliner 768 crossed the San Diego River and headed for the Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego.

Our steam train slowly backed up then stopped twice before it finally backed up across the San Diego River Bridge.

The rear car the Scottish Thistle lead the 24 car private car train across the bridge.

Next the Palm Leaf and Bella Vista crossed the bridge.

They we followed by the Virginia City and Burrard.

The Two Rivers and Colorado Pine crossed the bridge.

Two views of the Hollywood Beach.

The Caritas is seen in this shot looking back towards Old Town.

The Pointe St. Charles and Louis Sockalexis crossed the San Diego River.

The Caritas and the Pony Express.

The Silver Lariat and Colonial Crafts.

The Tolani and City of Angels.

The Overland Trail and Salisbury Beach.

The Chapel Hill and the Observatory.

The Birch Grove and Northern Sky.

The Northern Dream and City of Spokane.

The Santa Fe 3751 and Amtrak then would cut off and head to the Miramar Wye at CP Cumbres to be turned. Tom, Chris and I tried to have lunch at the Black Angus by the San Diego Sport Arena but they are not open for lunch on Sunday. We then went to Chili's and sat for fifteen minutes before the waitress finally came over. We ordered and she offered us dessert but we did not want any. The manager then did our checks giving us 50 percent off which was really nice of him. We then drove to CP Moreno and found just the cars of our train on the mainline there. I walked the train taking pictures of each of the cars in our unique train today.

The Scottish Thistle.

The Palm Leaf.

The Bella Vista.

The Virginia City.

The Burrard.

The Two Rivers.

The Colorado Pine.

The Hollywood Beach.

The Pointe St. Charles.

The Louis Sockalexis.

The Caritas.

The Pony Express.

The Silver Lariat.

The Colonial Crafts.

The Tolani.

The City of Angels.

The Overland Trail.

The Salisbury Beach.

The Chapel Hill.

The Observatory.

The Birch Grove.

The Northern Sky.

The Northern Dream.

The City of Spokane.

One last picture of our train at Moreno. Tom then drove us back to Old Town and we waited for the Santa Fe 3751 and train to return.

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