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Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad 6/25/2009

by Chris Guenzler

We drove across the UP and then the BNSF tracks before we saw a pair of crossbucks at an exempt crossing which we crossed and made the first right. We stopped the car and photographed the equipment there.

Abilene & Smoky Hill Railroad 373.

Abilene & Smoky Hill Railroad 44 Toner 3.

Milwaukee Road Coach 656.

What appears to be a Chicago Northwestern Car. From there we drove down to the shop area of the railroad.

An old Coach.

KSGID 1000.

Abilene & Smoky Hill Railroad Whitcomb 5. Next we drove back over by Buckeye Street and parked for a few more pictures.

A caboose along Buckeye Street across from the station the Abilene & Smoky Hill Railroad uses.

Ex New York Central Box Car that used to be an old station. From there we drove into the parking lot and parked.

The Historical Marker in front of the former Rock Island Station that the Abilene & Smoky Hill Railroad uses.

The former Rock Island Station in Abilene.

Three more views of the Rock Island Station in Abilene.

Our train for the trip to Enterprise.

The Abilene & Smoky Hill Railroad uses this Hutchinson and Northern S-1 4.

The Diner Enterprise was a former Katy Railroad Coach built in 1903.

Open Air Car 610851.

Open Air Car 611404.

Abilene & Smoky Hill Caboose 25466 is an ex Union Pacific Railroad Caboose.

The Silver Flyer Railbus is used the last weekend of the month for trips from Enterprise to Woodbine. This is because the BNSF took out the crossing which cut the railroad in two. This way the train takes you from Abilene to Enterprise then the bus takes you from the other side of the crossing to Woodbine. With it 102 degrees outside and humid we decided to wait inside the station to buy our tickets and wait for boarding of our train. While we were inside the station we toured the museum in the baggage room which was interesting but rather warm inside.

The stove inside the station. Back in waiting room we waited in the cool air and soon the train crew came in. At 2 PM we all walked out to the train and boarded the train to take us to Enterprise.

The inside of the ex Katy Car the Enterprise.

Inside of the Open Air Car 610851. Our tickets were punched with Bob and I being this afternoon's only passengers.

The train starts to pull away from the Abilene Rock Island Station.

The Rock Island Abilene Station as we start past the historical Old Abilene Town on the south side of the tracks.

The windmill was a part of every farm in Kansas.

Old buildings on display.

An old Church.

An interesting building.

The blacksmith shop.

What appears to be a large stable.

A look back towards the Rock Island Station as we leave the town behind.

Next we passed the Heritage Center which is located on the north side of the train.

Two more views of the Abilene Heritage Center as we leave town heading east to Enterprise.

A look back at the large grain elevators in Abilene.

The train took us out into the farmlands east of Abilene.

Another look back at the grain elevators in Abilene.

A look through the caboose back down the tracks.

More views of the farmlands of Kansas.

A farm along our route.

Rock Island Milepost 196.

A pair of farms along our route.

A farmer working his field.

Trees across the fields.


Three more views along our route to Enterprise.

The train crossed an unnamed creek.

The train took the first curve since leaving Abilene and running on straight track until now.

The train approaches the bridge across the Smokey Hill River.

Our train crossed the Smoky Hill River.

Our train crossed another trestle across the overflow of the Smoky Hill River with a footbridge down below.

The train took the final curve into Enterprise.

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