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"The Adirondack" Utica to Carter May 18, 2011 Part 2

Sponsored by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

by Chris Guenzler

The train left Remsen in the rain as we continued north towards Carter.

The former Remsen Turntable Pit.

The long straight road.

The old Conrail Bridge we passed on the way to Snow Junction.

At Snow Junction we came to a stop to throw the switch for the Adirondack Scenic Railroad Line then pulled up before realigning it for the Mohawk Adirondack & Northern Railroad Line to Lyons Falls where we will be going tomorrow.

Another barn along our route.

A ridge of the Adirondack Mountains came into view.

A pond along our route.

Milepost R31.

View through the trees of Kayute Lake.

The bridge across the Black River and Kayute Lake.

Crossing the Black River and Kayute Lake.

The Forestport Station.

Crossing Little Woodhull Creek.

A Glacial Erratic.

More trees along our route.

We ran by this large quarry.

The rear of our train.

Crossing Woodhull Creek.

Milepost H40.

The rock strata of the Adirondack Mountains.

Our crossing of Bear Creek.

The Woodgate Station.

The train took another of the curves on this line.

More blossoms of the trees.

The McKeever Station.

Moose River Bridge.

Milepost H53.

The train took another curve.

Middle Branch Moose River.

The track ahead.

The Whitewater Platform.

An Adirondack view.

The view ahead.

Switch ahead sign.

Milepost H55.

The views head of our train.

The Fulton Chain of Lakes.

I love these trees.

Middle Branch of the Moose River.

Wooden Work Train Car.

A mural on the Engine House at Thendara.

The Thendara Station.

Our train at Thendara. Here the C-420 would run around the train.

The engine run around at Thendara.

Views of our train at Thendara.

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