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The Rest of the day after Arcade & Attica Trip May 19, 2010

by Chris Guenzler

We pulled up to the Conneaut Railroad Museum to see what they had there.

The Conneaut New York Central Station.

Bessemer Caboose 1825.

BL&E Hopper 76857.

New York Central Milepost and Whistle Posts.

Nickel Plate 2-8-4 755.

Conneaut Station.

Conneaut Station from across the tracks.

The old New York Central Freight House.

Nickel Plate 2-8-4 755.

CSX 5405 East passing through Conneaut. From here we drove Ohio Highway 7 south to US Highway 322 to Jamestown, PA and then PA 58 south to our last stop of the day.

The former Erie Station in Greenville.

Greenville Railroad Park.

Wheeling & Lake Erie Caboose 0205.

Erie Patio Car 5300.

Union Pacific Caboose 25437 "End of Train but Safety Rolls On!" We met Scott who opened up the museum building for us.

Union Railroad 0-10-2 304.

URR 304 and signal.

BL&E Ore Car 20567.

Bessemer Caboose 1985.

Union Railroad 0-10-2 304.

Greenville Railroad Park Sign.


Museum Building.


Section House.

Road crossing signal.

BL&E Dispatching Board.

Views inside museum building. Scott then decided to give us a tour of Greenville. Scott led the way to the BL&E Shops in Greenville.

BL&E Roundhouse in Greenville.

BL&E Fueling Racks in Greenville.

BL&E Car Shop.

BL&E Station in Greenville. We then drove to the west side of the shop.

BL&E Transfer Table.

BL&E Building.

BL&E Coach Shop. We took PA 358 east to Sandy Lake where to picked up US Highway 62 to Oil City and then PA 8 to Titusville.

The Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad 85.

Lyle 3568. From here we checked into The Caboose Motel for the next two nights.