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A Trip to see Alice Cooper Theater of Death Show Nokia Theater, Los Angeles 10/28/2009

by Chris Guenzler

Reading the Orange County Weekly and a San Diego weekly I noticed that my old friend Alice Cooper was playing in Southern California and decided I wanted to go. Checking on Alice's web site I found that he was playing the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on October 28, 2009. Having never been to the Nokia and after checking out reviews on-line, I purchased a pair of tickets. I called one person and after learning that she was working in San Bernardino I decided it would be too long of a night for her. My friend Ralph then said we would go only having to cancel two days before the show when something came up at work. I put out the phone calls and I turned out that Chris Parker decided he wanted to go to the show so I was set. I would take Amtrak to Los Angeles, we would go have dinner and the show and Chris would drive me home. The day came and my mother gave me a ride to the Santa Ana Amtrak Station for my trip to Los Angeles.

Surfliner 579 pulled into Santa Ana and I boarded the train with water spotted windows.

The Honda Center where I have seen many Anaheim Ducks Hockey Games plus Aerosmith and Mylie Cyrus.

Anaheim Stadium home to the Angles and where I saw Bob Segar, Montrose, Ted Nuggent and Kiss back in 1976 and later the Rolling Stones twice.

Later the skyline of Los Angeles.

The scenic and wild Los Angeles River.

Dodger Stadium where I saw the Dodgers and the Rolling Stones. The train arrived into Union Station and I went and bought two Metro Day Passes for Chris and I.

While I had almost an hour before Chris arrived, I took the Metro Purple Line out to Wilshire and Western and back. Within five minutes here came Chris Parker and we got on the next Gold Line Train for Fillmore Street in Pasadena.

Here the train heads to Sierra Madre after dropping us off. We walked over to the Sizzler to have dinner. I then got called saying I could go on the Feather River Trip on Friday and had to contact Chris Skow which I did to take care of it. After a nice dinner, we returned to the Gold Line Station.

There we took this Gold Line Train back to Union Station.

On the way I shot this movie prop of a train engine. From the Gold Line we went down into the Red Line and took the first train to 7th and Flower where we detrained. From there it was a seven block walk to the Nokia Theater.

The signage on the Nokia Theater. I was allowed to take my camera in after only proving that I was going to take stills and not video. Video would use up my battery after just two songs while still picture taking I could shot throughout the show and have plenty of battery time left. We went inside and I bought a program/poster. We had to wait thirty minutes for the doors to open before we could go to our seats.

The first warm up band was Rival Sons. Next was the former lead guitarist of Kiss Ace Frehely with his band.

Ace had a beard and wore sunglasses as he played Rocker Ride as his opening number.

Everyone else in his band wore his trademark Kiss makeup.

The Ace Frehely Band.

Ace still does his smoking guitar stunt like he did when he was in Kiss.

Ace put on a good show but why didn't he play Back in the New York Groove.

After Ace was done, they raised up in front of the stage Alice Cooper would use.

The curtain came down and Alice Cooper Theater of Death began.

School's Out.


The Department of Youth.

I'm Eighteen.

Wicked Young Man.

Alice killed this person with a Mic Stand.

The Ballad Of Dwight Fry.

Alice gets killed by The Guillotine.

Alice has come back to life.

Go To Hell.



Welcome To My Nightmare.

He sang and danced during Cold Ethyl.

Alice sang Poison.

Then he was killed by Lethal Injection.

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