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Appanoose County Community Railroad Albia Limited August 16, 2008 Part 3

A Southern Appalachia Railway Museum Rare Mileage Trip

by Chris Guenzler

The train started heading back to Centerville with us crossing the BNSF line that runs south of town. We headed straight back to Moravia for lunch. As we passed that Relco Facility, I mooned the place much to the delight of my other passengers since they had backed out of giving us the tour that Bart had set up.

Later our train at Moravia after we all had detrained for lunch.

Our group enjoying lunch in front of the Wabash Moravia Depot.

Hand car inside of a display case at Moravia.

A speeder in another display case at Moravia.

Another view of the Moravia Depot.

Inside of the Moravia Station.

I had Bart Jennings take a picture of me wearing a "Dunce Cap" something I always had wanted to wear but in California they were outlawed before I started School. Sometime later, we all reboarded the train to continue our trip back to Centerville.

Our train had a green signal for the crossing of the Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Railroad.

The Union Pacific unit still sitting on the interchange track.

Looking west down the Iowa, Chicago & Eastern tracks. The train continued south at a good clip scaring a couple of deer who took off through the corn fields.

Crossing the Iowa Highway 2 on a bridge that I could see a Wa this morning when I went under it. Wa means that it once spelled Wabash on it. We headed to Moulton Junction for our next Photo Runby.

A look at where the interchange track from the Rock Island to the Wabash once was. We detrained onto a road that once was a bridge that went over the Rock Island Line here at Moulton Junction.

The last Photo Runby of the day.

The grade to the right where the Rock Island line went down to go under the former bridge now fill where we did that last Photo Runby. The train headed west to the Chariton River Bridge where a Static Photo would be taken.

The Chariton River Bridge.

A Static Shot at the Chariton River Bridge.

The Photo Line where we would rotate to the front to get pictures.

The train came back across the bridge to pick us all up. The train then took us back to Centerville where we arrived back into town early. It was another great trip with a special thank you to Bart and Sarah Jennings plus the Appanoose County Community Railroad for this very special and unique trip.

After a bathroom stop in the shop, I went out to the PT Cruiser and said my goodbyes to all my mileage friends. I took Iowa Highway 5 that turned into Missouri Highway 5 south to Unionville where I turned west on US Highway 136. At Interstate 35 I went south to Cameron where I exited. I checked into the Best Western Acorn Inn before getting some KFC for dinner. I spent the evening in my room working on this story before calling it a night.