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Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Trips 4/9/2009 Part 1

by Chris Guenzler

I arrived into Springdale and followed the directions from their web site to the train station.

I pulled into the parking lot and saw this across the street. I went inside the station and picked up my ticket for this morning trip before I went across the street to start photographing on a dark cold wet morning.

Arkansas And Missouri{AM} C-420 68.

AM T-6 15.

AM C424 604 ex Belt Railway of Chicago used for parts.

AM M420 76.

AM C424 4222.

AM M420 3554.

AM C420 57.

AM Slug 80.

AM C420 42.

Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Building.

The Springdale Arkansas and Missouri Station. I went back inside the station to wait to board the train.

The Ticket Window where I got my tickets. They took us outside to board so I went down to take pictures of our train and motive power.

The engine for today's train trip was the AM C420 46.

Two views of our train which consisted of AM C420 46, AM 105 Parlor Explorer ex Long Island, AM 106 Mountain View and AM 105 Golden Age Coaches both ex Central of New Jersey.

Another view of the Springdale Station before I boarded the train and took a seat in the AM 106 Coach. The train left Springdale right on time.

A small creek was crossed once we left Springdale.

Our conductor serves coach passengers in our car by using this cart. I got a Coca-Cola to try to wake up.

There was a major ice storm in January that hit Northwest Arkansas and damaged trees and knocked out power for almost a month in some places.

The Fayetteville Station.

Another field.

West Fork of the White River.

Another field as we continued south.

The bridge at the end of a road.

West Fork of the White River.

The train passed plenty of fields cleared from the trees.

The train is nearing Winslow as we continued south.

Our train passed through Winslow.


Our train is on the approach to the Winslow Tunnel.

Our train entered the Winslow Tunnel a 1702 foot bore at an elevation of 1735 feet. This is the highest mountain rail crossing between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

The south portal of the Winslow Tunnel.

From the Winslow Tunnel we will now cross three high trestles.

Trestle 1 is 780 feet long and 125 feet high.

The train took a few more curves before Trestle 2.

Trestle 2 is 421 feet long and 110 feet high.

Views between Trestle 2 and Trestle 3.

The Third Trestle is 451 long and 110 feet high.

Two scenes looking back.

Clear Creek.

A waterfall under our first crossing of Interstate 540.

The trees here are beginning to have their leaves grow out.

Running along Clear Creek.

Rolling down a 3.4 mile stretch of straight track.

Inside of Coach 105.

The train passed the siding in Chester.

Crossing Clear Creek once more with a crossing of Interstate 540 in the scene.

Clear Creek changes into Frog Bayou near the town of Mountainburg.

Three more crossings of that stream.

A field with no cows.

Cows in this field.

A small creek was crossed by our train.

We went under Interstate 540 for the last time on this trip.

Straight track is hard to find on this railroad.

Passing by another farm along our route.

Crossing Frog Bayou.

Down a short piece of straight track before the train passed beneath Interstate 40 and across many grade crossings with our engineer using his horn freely as we made our way into Van Buren.

Crossing at Frog Bayou. The train ran into Van Buren where we stopped on the mainline before the station. Our engine cut off in order to run around the train in the siding then hook on and push us into the Van Buren Station. This train becomes the Winslow Turn during our passenger's layover. With it being cold and windy I think I will take the Winslow Turn.

The engine running around the train and minutes later I was detraining in Van Buren to take a few pictures and get a ticket on the Winslow Turn.

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