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The Copper Cities Limited Globe Branch 4/5/2009 Part 1

Sponsored by the Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

by Chris Guenzler

Our day started with a Continental Breakfast at the Best Western Desert Inn before Randy, Marie and I first stopped at the Circle K for supplies and goodies for today's trip. We drove heading south down US 191 to Interstate 10 and on east to Bowie. At the only grade crossing in town we parked and meet the rest of our group. I checked in with Sarah Jennings and then helped Bart Jennings load the under belly of the bus with all the food and drink we would need for two days of rare mileage trips on the Arizona Central former Southern Pacific Globe and Clifton Branches. I boarded that first bus while Randy and Marie waited for the second bus. We headed back up US 191 then turned west on US 70 for the trip to our train's boarding location in Claypool where the bus dropped us off for our trip over the Globe Line..

Globe Branch History.

The line was chartered to be built by the Gila Valley, Globe and Northern Railway on January 5th, 1895. The line was opened to Fort Thomas on May 1, 1895. With more major construction ahead slowing the building of the railroad, it reached Globe on December 1, 1898 and Miami in late 1899. Before it had reached Globe though, the line was acquired by the Arizona Eastern. It was the leased to the Southern Pacific in 1905 and then fully merged into the SP in 1924. In 1988 Kyle Railroad bought the line from the Southern Pacific. Kyle Railroad was then acquired by first the Lake States which then was acquired by Rail America. They sold off the Globe to Bowie line to the Permian Basin Railway on December 9, 2004. Beginning on December 13, 2008 started excursion train first with diesels then a steam engine from the Globe Station to the Apache Gold Casino and Golf Resort.

The Trip

I left my bag and cooler on the ground and went to get pictures of our train before departure.

Arizona Eastern 2503. Our train consisted of the AZER 2503, Full Dome 510 ex Santa Fe and the Calmut Club 3378 ex Illinois Central. I then boarded and picked a chair in the Parlor Car Calmut Club.

The view looking back to the tracks of the Inspiration Consolidated Copper Company Industrial Railroad uses to interchange with the Arizona Eastern here at Transfer Yard. I first took pictures of the inside of the Calmut Club.

The inside of the Calmut before I went back outside for more pictures.

The Smelter at Miami.

Calmut Club.

Full Dome 510.

A train was then coming down from the mine and Smelter.

I climbed the hill for this view of our train in Transfer Yard.

Another view of the AZER 2503.

We all set up a photo line to catch the train from the mine backing into Transfer Yard.

Our train then backed up to pick us all up before the train departed Transfer Yard in Claypool, Arizona.

After leaving Claypool behind we passed old mine building and the tailings from the smelter.

The Railroad's Shop with the Steam engine which had a slight problem was now waiting for the afternoon turns while one of the diesels, an ex Union Pacific engine in that paint, did the honors on the morning excursion trains.

Our train passed through a very scenic canyon.

We came to a stop as this would be the first photo runby of the day location.

The Photo Runby.

Passengers reboarding after a successful Photo Runby.

Views looking back as our train closed in on Globe, Arizona.

Our train crossed this curved wooden trestle.

The train crossed another wooden trestle before we entered Globe and started our street running down Pine Street.

Our train ran down the middle of Pine Street in Globe, Arizona.

The former Southern Pacific Globe Station.

Our train and power in front of the Globe Station.

Our train backing down Pine Street for our next Photo Runby of the day.

Southern Pacific 2-6-0 1774 sits in Veterans Memorial Park in Globe.

Our train ran down Pine Street during our Photo Runby.

The rear of our train now back in front of the Globe Station. I went inside for a look.

Inside of the Globe Station with artwork on the ceiling and an interesting ticket counter, I went outside to see the Freight House.

The former Southern Pacific Freight House now a museum. I reboarded the train, had my lunch and relaxed before we departed towards Bowie.

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