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The Trip East to the B&O Railroad Museum

Plus finishing up the Baltimore Light Rail

by Chris Guenzler

In January I saw an ad for the "Cass 40th Railfan Weekend" in mid May. Since I had never been to Cass I decided I wanted to go. Flying to Baltimore would mean that I could finally go to the B&O Railroad Museum. I sent away for tickets and bought a Cass 2006 Railfan Weekend DVD which I was really impressed by all they did. Flights from LAX were the cheapest so I thought I might as well try the Fly Away from LAUPT. I would connect to that bus by a connection from Metrolink 681. I worked the two weeks after the Million Mile Rail Trip and the day of my departure finally came.

Metrolink 681 5/15/2007

I woke up to my 4500th Day of Sobriety before I drove to the Santa Ana Train Station and parked hanging my parking permit on the rear view mirror. I gave myself plenty of time and used the elevator to get to Track 1 where I purchased my Metrolink Ticket to Los Angeles. The train came into Santa Ana a minute early and I boarded the Cab Car. I dosed off and on to LAUPT where I walked down the tunnel towards the MTA Building following the signs to the LAX Flyaway Bus.

LAX Flyaway Bus 5/15/2007

I went up the escalator to a waiting Flyaway Bus. I purchased a round trip ticket for six dollars and boarded the bus. We left LAUPT a minute later taking US 101 to the CA 110 Busway to the CA 105 Car Pool Lane. I saw four Green Line Trolleys before we exited for the airport. They dropped me off at Terminal 7 25 minutes after we had left LAUPT. As I debussed, all I could think about was how easy it was to get to LAX this morning. I was really impressed by this service to the LAX Airport.

LAX 5/15/2007

Security took less than five minutes then I made my long walk to Gate 69B arriving there at 6:15 AM. I relaxed doing some Sudoku puzzles while waited for my flight. It was a busy place with Continental Airlines having to cancel a flight to Newark due to a windshield crack. United 946 to Dulles and Amsterdam was loaded on time but then sat at the gate for over forty five minutes. There were plenty of unhappy airline passengers this morning.

United 306 5/15/2007

I was boarded at 8:34 AM and relaxed on this B757 airplane in Seat 21A. We pulled away from the Gate seven minutes early and while we were taxing out they announced that our flight might end up being thirty minutes late or even longer as we had to avoid some major thunderstorm cells. We took off at 9:22 AM and headed into the "Friendly Skies". I had the worst child ever sitting next to me. After he had hit, kicked and thrown his bottle at me, Mom switched seats with another couple. Thank God I have the patience of Job. After we had crossed over the Colorado River they started the movie "Music and Lyrics" which was very good. I then listened to Rush "Snakes and Ladders" followed by Kansas "Live at the Whiskey" which took me most of the way to Baltimore. The B 757 airplane touched down at 5:21 PM and we headed to the gate.

Baltimore 5/15/2007

Once off of the airplane, I went straight through the Terminal to Door 11 and boarded the Rental Car Shuttle with me being the last one on. The bus took me to the Rental Car Center where Enterprise gave me a silver Chevy Aveo LS. From there I drove to the Days Inn in Glen Burnie and checked in. I did not go to my room instead I drove the Glen Burnie/Cormell Station Light Rail Station. I parked in the large yard next to the MTA Shop located here and used a ticketing machine. There was a large crowd waiting for a train to take them to a World Wrestling Event.

Baltimore Light Rail 5/15/2007

The MTA Train came into Glen Burnie after a wait of 15 minutes. Everyone boarded and a few minutes later we were on our way. We stopped at Ferndale then came to the junction of the Airport Line and with that I had ridden every mile of the Baltimore Light Rail. I detrained at Lithincum.

My trolley leaving Lithincum.

Next a trolley from the Airport came in.

After I took this picture, two MTA Fare Inspectors told me that photography was not allowed. I said, "Thank you as I did not know!" An Airport Trolley came in followed by an out of service trolley. The next one came and took me back to Glen Burnie ending my riding of the MTA Light Rail. I drove across the street to KFC to get dinner. I returned to the Days Inn and went to my room finding a lake in the bathroom of Room 318. I called down to the office and they switched me to Room 319. I had my dinner, checked my e-mail then called home and Chris Parker before I watched Dancing with the Stars. I called it a night after that show.

The B&O Railroad Museum 5/16/2007

I pulled into the parking lot at 9:10 AM and started photographing the equipment in the East Yard.

Chesapeake and Ohio 2-6-6-2 1309.

Chesapeake and Ohio 2-8-4 2705.

Western Maryland BL-2 81.

Western Maryland Slug 138T.

Baltimore and Ohio SW900 633.

FEC Vero Beach "Leonard J. Buxton" and the car is now used by B&O R.R. Museum as a stationary kids birthday party car.

Western Maryland RS3 195.

Patapsco and Black River Railroad VO-1000 32.

BOMX H-12-44 9733.

Baltimore and Ohio Observation Car 3320.

Baltimore and Annapolis 70 Toner 50.

Baltimore and Annapolis 50 with the American Freedom Train 1.

Baltimore and Ohio Tygart Pullman Sleeper.

Baltimore and Ohio 3587.

American Freedom Train 4-8-4 1.

Baltimore and Ohio RDC1 Speedliner 196.

Line of Passenger Cars.

Baltimore and Ohio "Bird" series Pullman Sleeper with 16 duplex roomettes and 4 double bedrooms.

Freight train.

B&O Caboose.

Signals on display in the East Yard. I took a look through the fence to see what else the museum had outside. I went back to my car and studied my route to Elkins until the museum opened at 10 AM. I went inside, paid for my ticket before I walked through the Roundhouse to take pictures in the West Yard while the sun was still out.

B&O Railroad Museum SW1200 1200 which would be used on the Excursion Train later this morning.

B&O GP-7 6405.

Pere Marquette SW-1 11.

Western Maryland F-7A 236.I went inside to see the former Car Shop to see the collection housed inside of it

Baltimore and Ohio EA 51.

Chesapeake and Ohio Streamlined 4-6-4 490.

Baltimore and Ohio 4-6-2 President Washington 5300.

Baltimore and Ohio 2-8-2 4500.

Chesapeake and Ohio 4-6-6-6 Allegheny 1604.

B&O 2-4-2 4500.

Baltimore and Ohio Observation Car.

Chesapeake and Ohio 2-6-0 377. That did it for the Car Shop and I returned outside to see the rest of the outdoor collection in bright sunshine.

Chesapeake and Ohio Spreader C&O MWE 914050.

B&O Caboose C-2222.

Illinois Central Refer MDT 13715.

The platform used to load the excursion train.

Baltimore and Ohio 6607.

Line of freight cars.

Bethlehem Steel Company Hot Metal Car 127.

Baltimore and Ohio Snowplow X-17. Amy Getz of the B&O Museum came out to find me and told me there were a couple of problems with their links. I suggested that we call the offices in La Plata and she said for me to finish taking pictures first. I said, "Let me finish here first and then I will go get my address book out of the car.

Baltimore and Ohio X-215 Crane.

REX 7018 REA Express.

Baltimore and Ohio Crane X-215.

Baltimore and Ohio Caboose C-308.

There is a garden railroad outside of the Roundhouse. I walked out to the parking lot, got my address book and went back inside the museum. We called Shivam in La Plata and Amy talked with him to correct the problems. Amy then thanked me and I headed inside the Mt Clare Roundhouse to continue my tour of this impressive museum. Now let us take a tour around the roundhouse heading to the right around it.

Baltimore and Ohio Clearance Car CE-15.

Clinchfield 4-6-0 1.

Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad RPO 35.

Chesapeake and Ohio Combine 409 and Baltimore and Ohio Royal Blue Day Coach 445.

Central of New Jersey Atlantic Camelback 592.

Cass Railway Shay 1.

Central of New Jersey 1000 Ingersoll Rand built in 1925.

Baltimore and Ohio Electric CE 10.

Baltimore and Ohio Wooden Caboose C-1775.

Baltimore and Ohio GP-40 3684.

Baltimore and Ohio Lafayette 13 Replica.

The Baltimore and Ohio Thatcher Perkins 2-6-0 117 built in 1863. The equipment behind the glass was damaged when the roof collapsed under all that snow back in February of 2003.

Baltimore and Ohio JC Davis 2-6-0 600 built in 1875.

Baltimore and Ohio AJ Cromwell 2-8-0 545.

Baltimore and Ohio Baggage Car 10.

Baltimore and Ohio Jon Hancock 0-4-0 built 1836.

Baltimore and Ohio Grasshopper Atlantic 0-4-0 2 built in 1832.

Baltimore and Ohio Tom Thumb and Director Car replica built in 1926.

Horse Car display.

The rebuilt roof of the Mt Clare Roundhouse.

Cass Shay 1 and the Central of New Jersey Camelback 592.

MA and PA RPO 35. This ends of tour of the Mt Clare Roundhouse.

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