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Midland Railway 8/17/2008

by Chris Guenzler

I got out of bed and tried the wireless at the Best Western Acorn Inn in Cameron with no luck this morning. After breakfast I checked my e-mail on the computer in their lobby before checking out. I drove down Interstate 35 through Kansas City down to Gardiner, KS where I gassed up the PT Cruiser. From there it was an easy drive to Baldwin City and I followed the signs to the Midland Railroad Station where I parked in their parking lot. I parked in front of the attractive former Santa Fe Baldwin City Station.

The grain elevator can be seen as you come into Baldwin City and the train is found below on the east side of that large structure.

Two views of the attractive former Santa Fe Baldwin City Station.

The excursion train that will be taking me on the trip to Norwood this morning.

MKT 142 RS3m will power the train.

Great Northern Caboose X32.

MKT Caboose 5.

Midland Coach 2507.

A lightweight coach.

Santa Fe Caboose 999060. With plenty of time I decided to look around.

Rock Island E-6 630.

Rock Island E-8 652.

Midland 460 44 Toner GE Switcher ex AT&SF.

New York Central RS-3 8255. After that I went back to the car and worked on part 2 of the Appanoose story while I waited for the ticket office to open. Randy Jackson drove up and would also be riding this trip. I got my ticket and Randy got a cab ride. I decided to ride in the Great Northern caboose X32 both ways on this trip and I had it all to myself.

Randy and the crew discuss his cab ride and other matters.

They tried to start the engine but it would not. After about ten minutes they got it started but then they could not get the air up on the brake line. They had 50 pounds of pressure as I could see on the gauge in the cupola of the Great Northern caboose I was now in. After ten more minutes we had 70 pounds and finally after eight more minutes I watched my gauge get to 90 pounds of air brake pressure. A few minutes later at 11:18 AM the conductor high balled and we started moving south down this former Santa Fe branch line heading towards Norwood.

The train departed the Baldwin City Station.

Our train passed the two very historic Rock Island Railroad cab units.

Our train then left Baldwin City behind.

A view of the Kansas scenery.

The train left the Baldwin City yard limit sign behind.

The train went by a corn field.

A common misconception is that corn is only grown in Iowa. Not! Kansas produces a large share of the corn grown in the United States.

Our route is tree lined right of way most of the trip south to Norwood.

The train crossed Spring Creek.

A few minutes later the train went through a rural grade crossing.

The view looking forward.

Randy was enjoying his cab ride on the Midland Railway.

The train is ready to take a curve.

The train ran by a pond.

Grading and the removal of vegetation along our route has recently been done.

Another rural grade crossing.

The train is about to arrive at Norwood.

The train has reached the siding at Norwood.

Our train arrived at Norwood and the engine would now run around the train.

The engine headed to the switch.

It then came back up the siding around the train. My caboose would now be the rear car on the train.

Our train now headed back to Baldwin City.

My view out of the cupola of this caboose.

Three views looking forward out of my cupola.

I went down to my rear door for a few pictures.

Have you ever been to Nowhere? I have and you can too if you take a trip on the Midland Railroad. There really is a Nowhere, Kansas and there are remains of a brick station platform there.

Another beautiful mid America day.

The train crossed Spring Creek.

Our train went back by to those corn fields.

Our train stopped to drop off this person who would go to work clearing the area along the tracks. He even brought his own gasoline and oil for that tractor.

The train passed the Baldwin City yard limit signpost.

The train went back by those historic Rock Island diesels.

The train arrived back at Baldwin City and I thanked my crew for an excellent ride on the Midland Railway.

One more view of the MKT RS3m 142 at Baldwin City. I returned to my PT Cruiser and using Mapquest directions and surviving some construction traffic, I made my way to Belton, Missouri and my next train ride of this trip.