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Barstow Flyer Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

Now in a vestibule, the train curves down the Summit Valley.

Two views of the Summit Valley.

The train took the curves in Summit Valley.

Approaching Lugo.

Nearing the end of Summit Valley.

Hesperia where the line for Cushenberry takes off and I once rode that line on a PRS Excursion years ago.

The train takes another curve.

Heading down the grade towards the Frost Flyover.

The train passed under the Frost Flyover.

Our train then took this curve to reach Frost.

Mojave Narrows Regional Park.

The train heads next to the Upper Mojave Narrows.

The train ran through the Upper Mojave Narrows.

Out of the narrows and into Victorville.

Our train passed through Victorville.

The train passed through the Lower Mojave Narrows.

Curving into Oro Grande.

Our train passed through Oro Grande.

The ostrich farm just north of Oro Grande. After that I walked the train to see who else was on board this special train today.

Our train came to a stop and waited for a BNSF pilot engineer to arrive.

A BNSF stack train headed west of Barstow.

Once the BNSF pilot engineer boarded we headed into the BNSF Barstow Yard.

Views of the Barstow Diesel Servicing Facility.

Our train traveled the Barstow Balloon Track to switch the trains direction.

Our train pulled down to pass the signal before we waited for the green to back into the Barstow Station.

We crossed over and begin our reverse move towards the station.

Westbound Fuel Racks.

Barstow Hill overlooks BNSF Barstow Yard.

The eastbound fuel rack at Barstow.

The Barstow Station is in view ahead.

The train entered the track to the Barstow Station.

We passed under the road bridge.

The Barstow Flyer has arrived into Barstow. We got off the train and in the line to get lunch. I hate lunches that come already made in this case Roast Beef with all the junk on it. Since I couldn't eat that I bought a hot dog. We sat in the shade on a hot day before I walked out to get a picture of our train at Barstow.

The Barstow Flyer at rest. After we rested in the shade, Bill and I walked up onto the bridge over the tracks and waited in the shade of the bridge structure for some trains to take pictures of.

Two views of the Barstow Flyer at Barstow.

Our first BNSF westbound headed into the Barstow Yard.

This eastbound BNSF piggyback train headed for points east.

The yard switcher pulls some cars out of the Barstow Yard.

As the switcher pulled east this BNSF westbound heads for the Barstow Yard.

A Union Pacific Stack Train heads west.

A BNSF stack train heads east.

BNSF 1000 east is an empty coal train. We walked back to the station so Bill could see some of the engines that the Western America Railroad Museum has collected.

Santa Fe 1460 is the Beep, a Baldwin switcher, that the Santa Fe rebuilt with a GP-9 hood and engine. It was one of a kind.

A ex US Marine Switcher.

Santa Fe FP45 95. From here we toured the railroad museum inside exhibits.

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