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The Barstow Flyer Part 4 Back to Los Angeles aboard the Silver Splendor

by Chris Guenzler

The Barstow Flyer waits for the late afternoon departure time of 5:30 PM. For the ride back I would ride the Dome of the Silver Splendor. The Car was built for the CB&Q 4735 and named Silver Buckle coach which ran on the Denver Zephyr. It became BN 4687 and was sold to Amtrak becoming their 9457. It was then sold to Illinois Transit Assembly who a few years later was sold to John Caestecker who renamed it Silver Splendor and converted into a Dome-Diner-Lounge format. The car was moved to Fullerton where the final restoration of this unique car was performed.

The inside of the Sliver Splendor Dome.

The Dining Area of the Silver Splendor.

The Buffet Table.

The brochure rack.

The kitchen of the Silver Splendor.

The lounge area of the Silver Splendor.

View of the Barstow station platform.

Me in the Dome of the Silver Splendor.

Our train crew going over their train orders before we could start our trip back to Los Angeles. Once they were done, they all reboarded and we departed Barstow. We got to the next signal which was red and waited for it to turn green. Once it did, we departed Barstow and headed out onto the BNSF mainline.

We were now a late afternoon train.

The Silver Splendor rides smooth and is a joy to ride.

Our train passed through the Lower Narrows of the Mojave River.

The train passed through Victorville and would head to the Upper Narrows of the Mojave River.

The train paused for a minute so our engineer could copy an order to protect a grade crossing west of Hesperia.

The Upper Narrows of the Mojave River.

The train crossed the Frost Flyover.

Sunset occurred after Hesperia.

The train climbed the Summit Valley.

The train curved into Summit.

The train started down Cajon Pass as the train passed into night. It is always fun to sit in the front seat of a Dome Car and watched the signals as we headed down to San Bernardino. The train ran through Colton and then climbed to Riverside.

Did I say Riverside? The sign says "rside". The train paused briefly there and we had slow orders for track work on the BNSF San Bernardino Sub after that. A few minutes later the eastbound Southwest Chief sailed by our special train heading east to Chicago. Later the train stopped at Fullerton and was greeted by many rail fans. Our train made the final sprint to Los Angeles Union Passenger Station. The Silver Splendor gave me an excellent smooth ride and the views were incredible. The Barstow Flyer was an excellent trip and I detrained a happy train rider. We drove home to Santa Ana where I called it a night.