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More pictures going north along the BC Rail Route

by Chris Guenzler

Scenes north along the British Colombia Railroad.

Our train at the North Vancouver Station before boarding.

At Poeteau we met BCR 753 South.

Later our train passing through Cheakamus,BC.

Our train climbing above Cheakamus,BC.

The view after our train crossed the bridge at Swift.

Alpha and Omega Mountains.

Scenes around McQuire,BC.

Alta Lake near Whistler.

Green Lake.

Train climbing near Green River.

Our train near Tisdall.

BCR 754 at Pemberton on a helper set.

A view of the Pemberton Valley.

Mount Currie.

Birkingate Lake.

D"Arcy, BC.

Anderson Lake

BC Rail hired a helicopter to make a film of their passenger service.

Anderson Lake

Running along Seton Lake.

We changed crews at Lillooet.

Crossing the Fraser River north of Lillooet.

Climbing out of Fraser River Canyon near Polley.

Continuing the climb out of the Fraser River Canyon near Fountain.

Our meet with the train from Prince George at Kelly Lake.

The old Water Tower at Lone Butte.

A trestle at Fill, BC.

I rode in the fireman seat the rest of the way to Prince George.

BCR 752 South at Lac La Hache, BC.

Lac La Hache.

Our train at South William Lake changing crews.

The scene at Onward,BC.

Head end view at Kersley,BC.

Passing through Woodpecker.

Of course anytime there would be a major stream a trestle was needed like this one called the Cottonwood River Bridge.

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